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There are a variety of skin conditions that cause lumps and bumps to appear on the skin. In this blog post, we will be covering some of the most common skin conditions, or skin growths, and the treatments available.
skin growths, lumps and bumps on the skin

Skin Cysts

Cysts are a common skin condition which consists of the appearance of small bumps on the skin typically filled with fluid or pus. Cysts are a result of an infection due to clogged sebaceous glands or the insertion of foreign objects (earrings).

What are the symptoms of skin Cysts?

The most common symptoms of skin cysts are:

  • They can vary in size
  • They are painless
  • They are rounded and appear rolled under the skin

How can Skin Cysts be treated?

Cysts in most cases are harmless; however, they do sometimes require medical treatment. The cysts that do need treatment would require draining or piercing to relieve the symptoms.
In some other instances, our dermatologist or plastic surgeons would recommend cortisone medication, an injection to treat them or a small incision to remove them.

Cherry Angioma

A cherry angioma it’s a red mole that can vary from the size of a pinhead to a quarter-inch in diameter. Cherry angiomas are quite common on people over 30 years old and can be found anywhere in the body.

What are the Symptoms of Cherry Angiomas?

Cherry angiomas present no symptoms.

How can I treat Cherry Angioma?

Cherry angiomas, in general, do not require treatment unless they bleed, or patients want to remove them for aesthetic reasons. There are different treatments to remove cherry angiomas including electrocautery, surgical excision, cryotherapy or curettage.

Epidermoid Cysts or Sebaceous Cysts

Epidermoid cysts, also known as sebaceous cysts or skin cysts, are very common and are formed as a result of the block or damage of the sebaceous gland. These types of cysts can go on their own, however, sometimes they need to be removed surgically.

What are the Symptoms of Sebaceous Cysts?

Epidermoid or sebaceous cysts are visible on the skin and when they are infected, they appear red and may be tender to the touch. Since they are sebaceous glands, when the cysts are squeezed or removed sebum will come out as a white or yellow secretion.

How are Sebaceous Cysts treated?

Sebaceous cysts can be treated several ways; with topical treatments such as Epionce treatment creams or Obagi treatment programs.
If the cysts are infected or swollen, antibiotics or steroid creams may be prescribed to treat them by our dermatologist.
For severe cysts that cannot be removed with topical treatments or antibiotics, surgical excision is an option that can be performed by our dermatologist or plastic surgeons.

Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis pilaris are small pumps white or red bumps that tend to appear on the upper arms and thighs.

What are the Symptoms of Keratosis Pilaris?

This skin condition doesn’t present any symptoms. It is usually as a result of dry skin due to weather condition as it tends to worsen over winter or low humidity seasons.

How can Keratosis Pilaris be treated?

Treatment of keratosis pilaris is not medically necessary however, patients tend to treat it for aesthetic reasons. The treatment for Keratosis pilaris is intense hydration via rich moisturizers, exfoliation. Another option would be electrocautery, a treatment that uses electricity to cauterise the skin on the treatment area.


Lipomas caused by an overgrowth of fat cells. They are soft fatty lumps that sit underneath the skin and do not present any other symptoms and are often benign.

How can Lipomas be treated?

Lipomas do not need to be removed unless is for cosmetic concern.
Since Lipomas do not affect surrounding tissue they can be easily removed by excision by our expert plastic surgeons leaving minimal scarring.

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