Aurora Clinics

Aurora Clinics was set up in 2001 by Consultant plastic surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards. Mr Richards’ idea was to set up clinics in convenient locations that provide the best quality plastic surgery with only the most experienced of surgeons. Why choose Aurora? The highest quality plastic surgeons available from around the UK We offer the… Continue reading Aurora Clinics

The rise of ‘Designer Vagina’ surgery

Vaginal rejuvenation has been given a rather bad reputation by the media, but a rise in treatment awareness and information on the availability of different procedures seems to be leading an increased interest in vaginal surgery. What do the stats say? A report of The Consulting Room’s – the UK’s longest-standing and largest cosmetic treatment… Continue reading The rise of ‘Designer Vagina’ surgery

Boob Job predictions for 2016: Big boobs go bust

Breast Augmentation procedures have consistently topped the charts of Plastic Surgery procedures and it doesn’t seem to be a trend that’s likely to die out anytime soon. That being said, smaller breasts are now the option of choice, with women no longer aiming to super-size their assets. Smaller is better A survey of plastic surgeons… Continue reading Boob Job predictions for 2016: Big boobs go bust