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Could hair loss be affecting your career?

Impressions count when it comes to your career and we are not just talking about your ability to meet targets or your performance. How you look can play a big part in firstly securing the role, but also your potential …

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Celebrity Hair Transplants

Hair transplants in the celebrity world are becoming more and more common with plenty of male stars admitting to having the treatment and sharing their stories. ‘Doing the Rooney’ referencing footballer Wayne Rooney, who publicly announced his hair transplant treatment back …

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Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Raghu Reddy, comments on a few of the many Celeb Hair Transplants

Last month we wrote a blog post on what we believed were the best celebrity hair transplants.

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The Best Celeb Hair Transplants

There have been several hair transplant celeb reveals in the press recently, and unlike some celebs that shy away from admitting having had cosmetic surgery, many have been honest and confirmed it. But who of the inhabitants of celebville are the mane attractions?

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