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Why are beard transplants so popular?

Beards are back, and it looks like they are staying! Beards go way back in history with early records indicating that back in the Egyptian times, if you were a high ranking Egyptian then beards were the best way to

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Tough and Rugged: FUE Beard Transplants

Among all the features that represent masculinity, facial hair is one that is often thought as the most obvious trait that a man can possess – so it’s certainly no surprise that FUE Hair Transplants are popular for men that

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Beard Transplants: Why Facial Hair Transplants Are Booming

Beard Transplants in the News: clinics across the UK are reporting a big rise in men seeking facial hair transplants for a fuller beard or moustache. The Private Clinic of Harley Street has also seen a rise in interest and

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The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic

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