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Not only men suffer hair loss, and as big hair is back, here’s how to pump up the volume.

Thanks to Adele, big hair is back and if you desire such luscious locks then it may not be just products you need. Hair thinning isn’t just a problem that the male population have to deal with. Many women experience hair loss for various reasons whether to do with over styling, nutrition, post-pregnancy, stress or even genetics.

While there are lotions, mousses and sprays out there to thicken and make even fine hair appear full, for those women who are suffering with hair loss another form of treatment may be needed. The latest form of treatment is the third generation of Follicular Unit Extraction.  

The treatment involves removing individual hair follicles from parts of the scalp where there are many hairs, and then implanting them into the areas of the scalp where the hairs have died away. The treatment varies in time and cost as it relates to the amount of hairs that can be implanted into the treatment area. 3G FUE costs £2.50 per hair, and the results are natural looking, involves no scarring and is a simpler, less painful procedure. Fuller locks couldn’t be easier.

The treatment can be used for eyebrows too.

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