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Rihanna, the world famous Bajan beauty and singer, is reportedly showing signs of hair loss. Known for her striking and beautiful hairstyles, the hairpieces and weaves she may have become accustomed to could be damaging her hair, leading to hair loss. It may be traction alopecia, causing by the pulling of the hair follicle or typical alopecia.

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Rihanna, at 25, has toured the world and sold millions of records, changing her hairstyle frequently as the pressures of being a style icon and celebrity mount. While we hope Rihanna is seeking the best advice and hair care, she’s not alone if she is indeed experiencing traction alopecia. Naomi Campbell is a well-known celebrity who has experienced hair loss along with many others, highlighting the potential downside to high maintenance hairstyles. Many women in her position turn to hair loss medication and hair transplants.

What can you do about hair loss?

The Private Clinic would like to raise awareness about the often hidden dangers and issues with weaves, extensions and hair pieces for both women and men. Always consult with a hair loss expert if you are concerned about hair loss and make sure any hair pieces are fitted by professionals with a good understanding of how to avoid hair loss as much as possible.
If you have experienced some hair loss:

  • Go to your GP to rule out underlying health conditions (like PCOS).
  • Hair Loss medications available for men and women: minoxidil (brand names include Regains and Rogaine) and finasteride (brand names include Propecia).
  • Hair Transplants – discrete, advanced Hair Transplants available for women and men, including the Unshaven Hair Transplant
  • Non-medical: work with a good hair stylist to work on a style that doesn’t put so much pressure on the hair follicles and avoid chemicals and straightening where possible.

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