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It’s said that hair is a woman’s vanity – but the confidence of both men and women can be rattled equally when faced with hair loss. When it comes to our mops, hair loss, or Alopecia, is often the most likely trigger to make our alarm bells go off. The thing is, a number of factors can be responsible, and while some of them will be genetic, others may not be.
You could choose to consult a GP but why not see the people with the relevant know-how, who in these cases, are going to be trichologists and hair transplant experts. Each specialty serves different purposes so we wanted to clarify what each has to offer.
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Trichology or Hair Transplant?

Trichology is the study of the health of hair and the scalp. You go to see a Trichologist to diagnose and treat your hair-related problems. They are experts in all things hair and scalp, and their aim is to reach an understanding of all the different factors that can affect the health of your hair and scalp.
A trichologist will want to understand your lifestyle, diet, family history and medical conditions, to assess how these factors could be influencing the condition of your hair. They are able to advise you on texture, hair thinning or hair loss, scalp problems such as dandruff, to more serious conditions like Psoriasis or Pityriasis Amiantacea (when a group of scalp hairs is surrounded by sticky and thick scale).

Men – Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss is a gradual process, yet it can affect a man’s confidence just as it can a woman’s.
Men generally tend to associate hair loss solutions to hair transplants. It’s important to keep in mind that if you rank between levels one and two on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale, then a Trichologist may be able to help you treat the condition or prevent further hair loss. Hair transplants are solutions for hair restoration in areas where there are balding or existing bald patches.
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Women – Female Hair Loss

Things get a bit more complicated with women – mostly because their bodies are on what seems like a never-ending, hormonal, roller-coaster ride. Hormones will particularly go through changes following pregnancy, menopause, through the use of contraceptive pills or if suffering from Anaemia. Let’s not forget the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which is similar to a game of roulette in that you never know how it will affect you personally. With some women it increases unwanted hair growth, while with others it may be a contributing factor to hair loss.
Women who experience any sort of initial hair thinning or falling hair should start by arranging a consultation with a Trichologist. Once the cause is found, the Trichologist can move on to suggesting a form of treatment, be it products (shampoos, topical foams) or supplements.
A Hair Transplant is usually only an option for women who experience male pattern baldness, have some sort of patchy alopecia, or for those who would like to lower their hairline.
Hair Loss Patterns
More importantly, the sooner you get diagnosed by an experienced Trichologist, the better the opportunity to find a suitable treatment. If the Trichologist finds that you may need a restorative treatment, they will refer you on to one of our esteemed and highly reputable Hair Transplant experts.
Hair Loss DNA Test
Our hair loss DNA test is ideal for patients who are experiencing hair loss and would like to know what the cause is. The Fagron TrichoTest takes an oral swab sample from the patient along with a detailed questionnaire about their health and lifestyle and presents a list of possible causes of hair loss. Being able to detect the early signs of hair loss is important to be able to maintain and protect the existing hair follicles. Using the results of the TrichoTest, our hair loss experts will be able to create a personalised treatment plan is going to help give you the best results by choosing the best and most effective treatments.

The Private Clinic

At the private clinic we pride ourselves in our selection of expert staff, and with over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of professionals. Our Trichologists are all qualified members of the Institute of Trichologists, while our hair transplant team includes Dr Luca De Fazio and Dr. Reddy, who are some of the biggest names in the field.
We offer Trichology consultation at our Glasgow, London and Leeds clinics.
Our leading hair transplant specialists are based in Birmingham, LeedsLondonManchesterBristol and Glasgow