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Dull Skin

We offer an extensive range of skin treatments to revive dull skin with a free consultation with a highly experienced skin therapist

We offer an extensive range of skin treatments to revive dull skin

Comprehensive treatment plan

Free consultation with a highly experienced skin therapist

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Medically reviewed by Lorcan Sheppard BSc MBBS FRCA, Chief Medical Officer and the Medical Advisory Committee for The Private Clinic.

Last Reviewed September 17th 2021

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As we age our skin can lose its brightness and almost look grey in appearance. Dull skin can make you look older than you are and tired even if you may be well rested. It is a common skin complaint but luckily one that can easily be rectified with the treatments and products available here at The Private Clinic.

Our skin cells shed every 30 days when we are young but as we get older it can take up to 60 days to shed, meaning that we can get a build-up of dead skin cells resulting in a complexion that looks a little dull.

Other causes for dull skin can include certain lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet, dehydration, stress and not enough sleep.  Sun damage also plays a big part in the appearance of dull skin so protecting your skin from the sun all year round is a great way to avoid dull looking skin.

We are the UK’s leading non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic group of clinics and have some of the most experienced specialists in the industry that can advise on the best treatment for dull skin. The next step is to book a free consultation to discuss your area of concern. We treat thousands of patients every year and pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. All of our Clinics are registered with the Care Quality Commission and The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services.

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Treatments Available


Medical microdermabrasion is a mild resurfacing procedure suitable for all skin types and ideal for brightening dull skin.

The procedure involves a handpiece being passed over the skin with a flow of medical grade crystals that work to remove the top layer of dry dead skin cells. This exfoliation will clear your skin of dead cells revealing soft new skin cells and a brighter complexion. The handpiece also has a vacuum which not only clears the crystals from the skin but will work to remove any oil and congestion on your skin promoting the production of new elastin and collagen.

A microdermabrasion treatment can take 30-45 minutes and you will see immediate results after the treatment. We recommend that you have microdermabrasion on a regular basis to continue seeing the effects.

Medical Microdermabrasion treatments for dull skin are available at our skin clinics in London Harley, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Northampton.


Chemical Skin Peel

A chemical skin peel is a great way to improve the appearance of dull skin. There are many different types of chemical peels available so we advise coming in for a free skin consultation first so our practitioners can work out what peel would be most suitable for your skin.

At your skin peel treatment, your skin will first be cleansed and prepped ready for the peel solution to be applied. You may feel a slight tingling feeling or warmth to the skin whilst the peel is on your skin, once your time is up the peel will be neutralised and aftercare products will be applied to your skin.

Chemical peels work by removing the top layer of damaged skin cells revealing new fresh cells. The treatment also stimulates your skin natural cell turnover resulting in the production of new collagen and elastin to help plump your skin and reveal a newly rejuvenated appearance.

A chemical skin peel usually takes 30 minutes and they are normally advised to be booked as a course of treatment to guarantee the best results.  Depending on the strength of your peel you may experience some downtime which includes redness or peeling but these will subside after a few days.

Chemical Skin Peels for dull skin are available at our skin clinics in London Harley StreetBirminghamBristol, LeedsManchester and Northampton.



The Obagi Nu-Derm system is a great way to brighten your skin tone as well with products that will not only exfoliate but hydrate the skin too.

The Obagi Nu-Derm system is a prescribed skin care system that requires you to follow a strict skin care regime of prescription strength products. The ingredients will work deep into your dermal layers transforming your skin from the inside out.

Obagi Nu-Derm treatment for dull skin is available at our skin clinics in  London Harley StreetBirminghamBristol, LeedsManchester and Northampton



Profhilo is a great treatment for brightening and treating dull skin with visible results after 2 treatments.

Profhilo is a unique mix of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) that works to treat the skin laxity by skin bio-remodelling. After a period of 4 weeks the Profhilo works to stimulate 4 different types of collagen and elastin. You will notice that your skin feels smoother, tighter and overall brighter with a feeling of hydration.

Profhilo treatment takes 45 minutes and you will need two treatments spaced 4 weeks apart.

Profhilo treatment for dull skin is available at our skin clinics in London Harley Street, Bristol, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Northampton and Buckinghamshire close to Oxford, High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Beaconsfield.


Bespoke Youth Trio

Our Bespoke Youth Trio Treatment uses a combination of enzyme, chemical and laser treatments to help boost your complexion reducing the appearance of tired and dull skin.

The Bespoke Youth Trio treatment has 3 different stages of treatment that are all performed on the same day to give instant results. The treatment will start with a Circadia Enzyme Exfoliating treatment then a Circadia Latic Peel will be applied before then finishing with a Laser Genesis treatment to rejuvenate and restore your skin with no downtime.

Our Bespoke Youth Trio treatment is only available at our London Harley Street Skin Clinic.


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