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What can we do about female hair loss?

Losing your hair is an emotional experience for anyone, but perhaps even more so for a woman as often a women’s hair can feel like her crowning glory and too see it go can be devastating.

Hair loss can often cause women especially to feel isolated and depressed causing them to stop socialising and just generally not feeling like themselves which is why here at The Private Clinic we have a team of Trichologists and Surgeons to help you.

What causes it?

The cause for female hair loss varies from patient to patient. A combination of factors such as stress levels, errant hormones (often unbalanced by use of the Pill), nutrition, anaemia (iron deficiency), immunological conditions such as alopecia or by women damaging their scalp with dye, hair extensions and straighteners can all contribute towards hair loss.

With the average female spending up to £40,000 and over two years’ worth of maintenance on their hair in her lifetime, it’s an important part of a woman’s appearance, so parting with it is not an easy process, so what can be done?

What is the treatment?

Treatment for female hair loss, like any hair loss consultation will be specific to the individual patient.

We always recommend for women  to meet with a member of our Trichologist team first who will analyse your hair to understand what the cause is.

The treatments for female hair loss can be as simple as a lifestyle change, such as reducing the amount you dye or style your hair with heat. In some cases scalp stimulation therapy or a dietary restoration plan is recommended which may consist of vitamins and supplements such as Viviscal Professional – a scientifically-proven supplement that is a forerunner in providing healthy hair.

If you have tried these methods but with no success, or if the trichologist simply feels that diet and supplements alone are not enough to help, then you will be referred to the surgical team.


Initially being told you need surgery to treat your hair loss can seem daunting and unnecessary but once you have met with one of our experienced Hair Transplant Surgeons we hope your initial fears are soon rectified as the FUE Hair Transplant procedure which is actually done under local anaesthetic is explained to you.

An FUE Hair transplant is a walk-in, walk-out procedure which requires no hospital stay and leaves no linear scarring. It works through the extraction of individual follicles from a donor area which is then transplanted.


Find out more about FUE Hair Transplants here

What results can I expect?

Our aim is to firstly slow down your hair loss and then restore lost hair through a variety of treatments and procedures. Where medication will be able to slow the hair loss down, it may be neccessary that surgery is used to restore hair that is lost, although this is only recommend if it is deemed to be beneficial to your needs and undetectable.

If you do go down the surgical route you will notice a difference immediately. The newly implanted hairs will start to grow, and shed. Hair growth usually starts around 4 weeks, with the final results settling in at about 8-9 months.

Here are some examples of our female hair loss patients both before and after/during treatment;

female-hair-before-after-1-the-private-clinic female-hair-loss-before-after-2-the-private-clinic

The Private Clinic

Our team of fully-qualified trichologists who can help diagnose underlying hair problems includes:

Trisha Buller in Harley Street and London City
Jane Mayhead in Harley Street and London City
Lisa Gilbey in London City and London Harley Street
Deborah Chester in London City and Harley Street
Nicola Hemsley in Bristol
Tracy Keen in Birmingham
Ingrid Wilson in Manchester
Jacqueline Davidson in Glasgow

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