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Trinny Woodall talks Hair Loss & Solutions on Instagram Live

Beauty entrepreneur and stylist Trinny Woodall focused on the troubling subject of post-Covid hair loss during her Instagram Live story this week. The celebrated fashionista and TV personality took to her Instagram screen to reveal how clumps of her own hair have been falling out from her scalp ever since she contracted the Covid-19 virus 3 months ago.

In a typically honest and direct response, she opened up about how the situation was putting her under some stress, while visibly demonstrating on camera how her hair falls out as soon as she tugs away at it. She explained how she was so surprised to be undergoing this experience as she regularly takes vitamins and eats a healthy diet to prevent hair-loss while always taking steps to defend against menopausal hair loss through consumption of vitamin supplements.

Covid-Related Hair Loss

She also explained how she is from a family of people with full heads of hair, which is why she became worried when it started to fall out rapidly in clumps. In response, she decided to call her doctor to get to the bottom of the issue. Upon seeing her doctor, he explained how many patients had been showing signs of stress-related hair loss in the weeks after contracting the disease.

This prompted Trinny to share her experience on social media and to seek out solutions that could help her to tackle her sudden rapid hair loss situation. In an honest side note, she showed viewers how she had been collecting clumps of her fallen out hair in a clear container to keep track of how much was actually falling out, while commenting:

“There will probably be more hair in this then there is on my head soon. I’m being sarcastic because I don’t want to get stressed by it, but I do want to have an action plan and I want to chat to you about it. What always eases my mind is sharing.’ 

Attribution: Trinny London, Wikipedia Commons

Rapid Hair Loss Solutions

Seeking a solution to her issue, she contacted a range of well-known hair specialists and trichologists to get advice on how to remedy the problem. She also asked her Instagram audience to share their own tips on effective ways to tackle the hair loss issue.

In a special report by Sky News, a study revealed how nearly a quarter of Covid sufferers will experience hair loss within six months of having the illness, with women at a higher risk. So it seems that Trinny’s own problem is something that many people are now suffering with. This was also highlighted by her supporters in their numerous Instagram comments.

Reflecting on Trinny’s experience, we thought we would share our top strategies and hair loss solutions that can minimise the effects of rapid hair loss for women. We also explain how patients can restore any hair that has been lost through post-Covid stress.

  • Trichologist Consultation

With a diverse range of hair loss treatments available, from topical shampoos and creams to vitamin supplements and hair transplants, seeing an expertly qualified trichologist can help you to pick a solution that is tailored to your own needs. Our expert team of trichologists, hair transplant surgeons and hair loss experts have been trained to carefully assess your hair thinning and hair loss issue to help select the best treatment, or combination of treatments that will generate the best hair restoration results. Denise Knight and Jane Mayhead are two leading trichologists at The Private Clinic who have helped hundreds of women to better understand why they are losing hair and how they can treat the causes. They are regularly featured in a range of media outlets as hair loss experts and are both members of the UK’s Institute of Trichologists. Fill out our enquiry form to book a personalised consultation with them. This first step will help you to discover a treatment that is best suited to your own individual needs.

  • Hair Loss Medication

Hair Loss medication is a quick and easy way to help manage rapid hair loss issues and slow down the process. Minoxidil and Finasteride (Propecia) are the only medically approved solutions that work, and they can be applied in different ways, through the use of medicated creams or shampoos. Both treatments are available at The Private Clinic in a range of formats and they have been proven to stop the process of hair loss in a vast range of our patients. Finasteride for example, which is only available on prescription, has been shown to halt or slow the hair loss process by 80% to 90%.

  • Female FUE Hair Transplants

 Sometimes stress-related hair loss can lead to more permanent hair loss damage in the form of alopecia. While hair loss medications often work as a great first-line response, they are often ineffective in cases of extensive hair loss. This is when surgical hair restorations like FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) can help. FUE is a minimally-invasive hair transplant treatment that extracts healthy hair follicles from scalp areas that haven’t suffered hair loss, and transplants them one-by-one to bald patches. It leaves no linear scarring and produces natural looking hair regrowth in a little as 6 to 12 months, once the implanted follicles have a chance to grow in their new home. Discover how we have used FUE to restore hair growth for a wide range of our patients on our hair transplant for women page.

  • Hydrafacial Keravive

Non-invasive hair stimulation therapies have also been shown to help combat hair loss and encourage hair regrowth. Hydrafacial Keravive is one of the leading treatments in this field, which uses a 3-step process to refresh and hydrate the scalp while stimulating renewed hair growth. It firstly cleanses hair follicles by removing dirt, oil and dead skin from the scalp. It then delivers a special blend of 2 skin proteins and 5 hair growth stimulants to supercharge hair regrowth. The final step of the treatment is a take-home hair spray that contains biomimetic materials to accelerate hair growth in the long term. Following the treatment, 75% of patients have reported a noticeable improvement in their hair fullness, and a 74% improvement in their overall hair quality. So if you want a natural and effective way to defend against hair loss and help achieve a fuller head of hair, then Keravive is a great treatment to rely on.

Hair Loss Treatments at The Private Clinic

As a multi-award-winning hair loss practice, we have been specialising in the most innovative hair loss and hair regrowth treatments for over 35 years. We make it easy for you to discuss your hair loss concerns with our expert clinical trichologists. Patients have given us a 96% patient satisfaction rating, and we have a 5-Star Trustpilot rating which showcases our high standards and our dedication to high standards of patient care.

To find out more about our hair loss strategies, fill out our online enquiry form. You can also call our contact center directly on 0333 920 2471.

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