Different Techniques of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The technique used to insert breast implants is more often than not decided by the plastic surgeon but that doesn’t mean you don’t have an input. Your surgeon may ask you some questions about your lifestyle, how active you are and also consider the shape and size of your desired implants in order to make… Continue reading Different Techniques of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Implant Positions

Making the decision to go ahead with surgery is a big one and we always recommend taking the time to do this. When it comes to breast augmentations however, it is not the only big decision you need to make. Breast augmentation surgery has a number of variables to choose from and one of the… Continue reading Breast Implant Positions

Choosing the perfect implants

When it comes to choosing the perfect implants, the choice can be a little overwhelming. In general, you shouldn’t worry too much because your plastic surgeon will be there to best advise you on what they think is best for your body. The idea of ‘ideal breasts’ will differ from person to person – it… Continue reading Choosing the perfect implants