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When it comes to choosing the perfect implants, the choice can be a little overwhelming. In general, you shouldn’t worry too much because your plastic surgeon will be there to best advise you on what they think is best for your body.
The idea of ‘ideal breasts’ will differ from person to person – it is highly subjective and very much based on your individual opinion. Everyone will have their own idea of how they want their breasts to look post-surgery.

What is the best make of breast implant?

To ensure that you get a high-quality product, it is recommended you stick to the three main manufacturers of breast implants which are Motiva, Nagor and Mentor. Your surgeon will be able to recommend which one will be best for you.
Under over muscle breast implantUnder or over the muscle?
The best place to have your implants depends on your body. If you have enough breast tissue then you may suit your implants being placed over the muscle, however, if you do not have enough breast tissue to start with then this can look very unnatural.
For those who have less breast tissue then it is most likely that you will be recommended to go with the dual plane option of under one muscle.
Each of the options can be fully discussed with your surgeon at your consultation.

What does CC mean?

You will most likely have an idea of what cup size you aim to be but implant sizes are measured in cubic centimetres, more commonly known as CC’s.  During your sizing appointment, you will have a chance to try out different sized implants and work out along with your nurse and doctor, which sized implants will work best for your body frame and existing breast tissue.
There is no precise way to work out the correlation between breast implant cc’s and cup sizes. Cup size measurements are not a good way to measure the breast as there is no standardized sizing among bra manufacturers.

Why do implants come in different shapes?breast implant sizes the private clinic

We all come in different shapes and sizes and this is no different for implants. You will first need to decide between round implants and teardrop implants and then make a choice between moderate and high profile.
A round implant is a perfect choice if you have a good shape to your bust but are lacking in volume as the implant is uniform in shape.
A teardrop implant is a good choice if you have a flat bust and are lacking shape. The implant is designed to mimic the natural slope a breast meaning it is narrower at the top with the volume being more evident at the bottom

What profile should I choose?

The difference between a moderate and high profile implant is how far the implant will project from your chest. When you are choosing your breast profile it is important to look at the current width of your breast as it is always recommended that you attempt to match your implant to be a similar size to your existing breast width to ensure that your end result looks natural and proportionate to your body.
The best way to achieve a natural looking breast augmentation is to pick implant profiles (width and projection) that match your existing breasts. But you don’t have to decide alone it is, of course, great for you to turn up at your consultation with a ready-made plan as it means your expectations are clear and easy for your surgeon to understand.  It is however very important that you listen to your surgeon’s advice about what they feel is right for your body and your lifestyle.

What base is best?

You may not know that you can actually get a variation on the shape of the base of your implant. The base of the implant is the footprint of the implant, the most common shape is round, but it does not always need to be round. If you choose to have a teardrop implant then as well as round, you can also choose the base to be oval vertically or oval horizontally. Round implants are best suited to the average build of a woman if you are slightly taller with an athletic physique you may suit a vertical oval-shaped base, and if you are slightly wider in the chest area then you may be recommended to try the horizontal oval implant. Your surgeon will discuss the best type of base for you.

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