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I’m amazed with my hair transplant procedure!

Hi there,

I had a FUE hair transplant couple of days ago. First of all what has impressed me the most is that it felt as a “non procedure”; what I mean is that this isn’t major surgery, you are awake, feel no pain and simply chat to the doctors and two lovely technicians while they do their job. You walk-in and walk-out (hours later) on foot. The only downside perhaps is that the procedure is pretty long and towards the end of the day you start getting tired an bored. Although dr. Reddy is quite entertaining and tries to make you as comfortable as possible, and if you come prepared you can always bring a portable audio/video device and listen or watch during the procedure.

I am trying to restore my hairline as I have lost quite a fail amount of hair at the front. Dr. Reddy managed to transfer 3000 hair which is great and I can see already how I will look like when the hair starts growing. Post-op care is minimal, I am taking some medications and besides from having to sleep on my back (I prefer to sleep on the side), no real disruption to my normal life.

I am a very happy man. All done and dusted now I just need to wait…and for once instead of waiting to see if I lose more hair day after day…I will be waiting to see my hair growing. Cannot wait for the final results!

I am happy to answer any questions about the procedure.

Thanks, Paul

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