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Noticing a little more facial hair around recently? No it’s not a new way to warm yourself in the colder weather, we’re in the full swing of Movember; an annual charity fundraiser where men across the globe give their facial follicles freedom for a month to raise money for a good cause.
Since starting from relatively humble Australian origins in 2003, the campaign now runs in 21 countries across the world and has raised over £346 million for a variety of men’s health charities.
However, while the assortment of ‘tashes and beards do amazing work for thousands (and can also look rather snazzy too), not all of us are lucky enough to have Tom Selleck worthy facial hair naturally, and more people are beginning to turn to facial hair transplants to transform their face.  A recent study found that 45% of men are unhappy with the patchiness of their beard or moustache, and last year alone 4,500 men in the UK underwent FUE Hair Transplants.  But how exactly do they work, and what is behind this popularity?
Using the same principles as standard FUE hair transplant procedures, the treatment works by taking individual follicles (including relevant glands) of hair from donor areas and transplanting them one-by-one into the required areas. ‘Stable’ areas for transplantation often include the side or back of head, but can also include body hair depending on the individual circumstance, and hairs can be transplanted to create full beards, goatees, moustaches, sideburns or eyebrows. Because the treatment works by taking individual follicles, it is less invasive than many other methods of transplantation and has significantly less risk of scarring.
Success of a treatment, however, depends entirely on the skill of your surgeon. The average facial hair transplant can take anything from three to nine hours, and the amount of hair transplanted can range from 1,500 hairs for a goatee, to 4,000 hairs for a beard. As each hair is extracted and transplanted one at a time, careful attention and knowledge is needed for the most natural looking, full results . 
The face can be completely transformed through the transplantation of hair from one area to another,  and the procedure is perhaps the ultimate in ‘bespoke’ treatment as no individual’s needs will ever be the same as someone else’s. It is practically impossible to give someone a quote of how many hairs they will need until a surgeon has fully looked at you in consultation, and your treatment will never be the same as another. Working with top surgeons will ensure you achieve the very best results – if you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the final outcome, never compromise on the quality of the clinic you work with.

The Private Clinic

We’re proud to have some of the most recognised hair surgeons in the UK working with us, all of whom are specialised in minimally-invasive FUE hair transplants for the face and head. We value our team’s excellent reputation and will never compromise your results by performing a procedure that we don’t believe will be successful in achieving what you want. We have hair transplant clinics based in London’s Harley Street , Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol and Glasgow with consultations available across the country.