Month: December 2011

Keep your skin hydrated throughout the festive period

The festive season is for sure in full swing and as many indulge in alcoholic beverages and salty food, all takes its toll on your skin. Keeping hydrated is key to avoid dry, puffy and spotty skin. Excess salt allows our

Growing old gracefully is a thing of the past as we see a rise in the use of Dermal Fillers

Growing old gracefully seems to be a thing of the past, especially if you are Madonna.  According to a celebrity magazine last week, Madonna has actually had so much work done that now, rather than looking younger it has started to

3G FUE Hair Transplant craze for Celebs

So what do Wayne Rooney, Gordon Ramsay and now Louis Walsh all have in common? You guessed it, they have all had hair transplants.  FUE Hair Transplants are becoming more and more popular and not just amongst celebrities. The procedure

A feeling that only a snorer can associate with

A feeling that only a snorer can associate with and its that feeling of fear when you nod off on the tube, train or plane knowing that you’ve probably woken yourself up snoring! There’s that moment when your eye focus

Does smoking effect snoring?

Q: Does smoking effect snoring? Dear Sir, smoke can cause your airways to become inflamed, which increases the narrowing of the airways when you smoke. An important factor for improving or curing snoring is a person’s willingness to make important

So has Abbey Crouch had a lip enhancement?

Celebrities seem to be the talk of the town at the moment but for many of them, it’s for the wrong reasons, just take Abbey Crouch for instance.  She was all over the papers this week with people speculating on

Does alcohol effect snoring?

Yes alcohol can definitely cause snoring. Alcohol slows the brain’s responses, causing the muscles to relax even more than during a normal night’s sleep. The added relaxation of the musculature causes the oropharynx to collapse causing snoring. Furthermore alcohol may

It’s the bane of many a light sleeper. The unrelenting sound of someone snoring.

It’s the bane of many a light sleeper. The unrelenting sound of someone clearly enjoying a deep slumber and snoring their head off, in the process, denying others the same luxury. In a poll of 3,000 adults 54% said they

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