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Does alcohol effect snoring?

Yes alcohol can definitely cause snoring. Alcohol slows the brain’s responses, causing the muscles to relax even more than during a normal night’s sleep. The added relaxation of the musculature causes the oropharynx to collapse causing snoring. Furthermore alcohol may induce obstructive sleep apnoea (where breathing stops for short periods during sleep) in individuals who are otherwise just snorers. Additionally alcohol causes nasal airway irritation and congestion that increases the airway resistance when breathing.

However if you are not heavily overweight and snore at all time, regardless of your alcohol consumption, your snoring could be caused by a stuffy nose, a blocked nose or an enlarged uvola, which can be treated with radiofrequency or laser treatments.

There are many lifestyle influencers that can cause snoring, like alcohol consumption, and it is important to evaluate them all to see if any help your situation. Late night drinking may well be an easy lifestyle change to make, to stop your snoring.

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