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Keep your skin hydrated throughout the festive period

The festive season is for sure in full swing and as many indulge in alcoholic beverages and salty food, all takes its toll on your skin. Keeping hydrated is key to avoid dry, puffy and spotty skin.

Excess salt allows our bodies to retain water which can result in bloating and puffy faces. Keep drinking water and you can avoid these symptoms. All the indulgences also makes skin dull, dry and this may result in breakouts. Quick fixes are superficial chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments but it helps to drink water with these treatments. They are quick to rejuvenate skin allowing your skin still to sparkle throughout the festive season.

There are also many transformation creams availble to ensure deep intense moisture lock and gentle exfoliators to boost the skins metabolism to rejuvenate it. The Jan Marini range is a festive favourite and a luxurious treat.

Dazzle your way through this festive period!

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