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A feeling that only a snorer can associate with

A feeling that only a snorer can associate with and its that feeling of fear when you nod off on the tube, train or plane knowing that you’ve probably woken yourself up snoring! There’s that moment when your eye focus on the few nearest around you and your eyes ask the question – was I snoring? There are smirks around you and you get that all to familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach as you’ve been faced again with yet another embarrassing snoring moment.

You’d be right in thinking that nowadays the embarrassment of snoring is plastered everywhere, the mobile devices now have made t easier to record, post to youtube and create a space where millions are sharing the most embarrassing snoring moments.

For those who snigger, little do they know how humiliating is must be for the snorer and more importantly how snoring maybe affecting their lives.

Snoring can have a distressing effect on relationships and can cause a number of problems for sufferers as a result of disturbed sleep. Sufferers can often feel tired during the day and find it difficult to concentrate.

There are various over he counter devices to stop snoring but sufferers have said that these don’t always give full benefits. Non surgical advice to stop snoring s readily available and will include avoiding spicy food, to restrict alcohol late at night and to lose weight which is common for a snorer.

For many though they want to seek a cure for snoring. There are a few treatment options to stop snoring. These include Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty, Unblocking the nose, and Bipolar Radiofrequency Thermotherapy. All are minimally-invasive treatments performed under local anaesthetic and are walk-in walk-out procedures.

There are treatments out there to help improve your lifestyle and reduce the embarrassment.

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