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Growing old gracefully is a thing of the past as we see a rise in the use of Dermal Fillers

Growing old gracefully seems to be a thing of the past, especially if you are Madonna.  According to a celebrity magazine last week, Madonna has actually had so much work done that now, rather than looking younger it has started to have the reverse effect and is making her look her age, which is 53 in case you wondered!

As we age it is natural for us to start losing volume in our face, especially where the cheeks are concerned. Rather than having too much cosmetic work done, it is advisable to go with the ‘less is more’ approach using minimally invasive cosmetic procedures rather than full on surgery.

Dermal Fillers such as Juvéderm® are brilliant for restoring volume and plumpness to areas such as the cheeks and lips.  If it is skin tightening that you require you should opt for the latest non invasive skin tightening treatment which is called the CPT Thermage system and successfully manages to help tighten your skin in a single treatment.

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