Month: December 2010

Can I have hair transplant treatment before holiday?

 I am planning a visit to the uk to have a consultation and if suitable a hair transplant. Can i fly immediately after the transplant? It is just a short flight to Italy. If not how many days do i

How the gym obsessed looks maybe failing

The ever conscious world of celebrity have easily fallen into a routine of punishing  workouts to keep their body fat very lean. Keeping an eye on your weight and taking healthy gym visits is not a bad thing but it appears the

“Why are Men so unhappy?” It isn’t what you think….

The Times Magazine on Saturday explored the reasons why it’s tough to be a guy nowadays. Sarah Harris spoke to six men whose fate has taken unusual turns…two single men that have decided their bachelor days are over but are

When is the perfect time to have a cosmetic procedure?

Today The Daily Mail talks about how there was a time when turning 40 meant less pressure to look perfect than nowadays. One in three women over 40 are so concerned about their appearance that they would consider plastic surgery,

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My mum is 68 having suffered Varicose Veins all her life – is there an age limit on treatment?

My mum has suffered terrible varicose veins all her life. She finds them very uncomfortable especially in the summer. I don’t even think I have ever seen wearing a skirt as she hates anybody seeing them. I read about EVLT

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