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When is the perfect time to have a cosmetic procedure?

Today The Daily Mail talks about how there was a time when turning 40 meant less pressure to look perfect than nowadays. One in three women over 40 are so concerned about their appearance that they would consider plastic surgery, according to a new survey. The average woman now thinks the best time for plastic surgery is 52 years, 41 weeks and four days.

To smooth out the signs of ageing, a fifth of women aged 40 to 60 would have a face lift if money wasn’t an object. More shocking almost a third – 29 per cent – said they would rather look 20 years younger than be a millionaire!

Among those who did want surgery, a quarter favoured an eye lift, 29 per cent a tummy tuck and for those who wouldn’t go under the knife 29 per cent said they needed Botox or chemical peels.

The study of 3,000 40 to 65 year olds, conducted by Superdrug, displays how women are increasingly image-conscious the older they get. Right now, we have seen a rise in Botox and dermal fillers with the arrival of the non-surgical face lift, ‘Fluid face-lift’, many women are opting for these types of anti-ageing solutions.

At The Private Clinic our doctors have developed the best non invasive facial contouring techniques that can help you peel back the years in a subtle, gentle and more natural way.

The survey also revealed that women between 40 and 60 spent an average of £137.28 a year on anti-aging creams. Last month a separate study showed that cosmetic surgery has almost doubled in a generation.

Some 15 per cent of women over 50 now admit to still wearing padded bras – five times as many as their mothers at the same age. The trend has been put down to changing social expectations, with 62 per cent of women surveyed believing they are more likely to be judged on their appearance than previous generations.

It goes to show how us women worry about oursleves and strive to look good. More need to understand the non-surgical solutions on the market today that often deliver more than traditional methods. Bottom line between any treatment or procedure you choose to undergo, make sure you’ve done your research on the clinic and the surgeon!


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