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About Us

Established in 1983, for over 35 years, we have offered our patients the most advanced and effective cosmetic treatments, helping them achieve their desired results. With clinics nationwide, we offer the broadest range of treatments in the cosmetic sector – from FUE Hair Transplants, Varicose Veins Laser treatments, Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery, Cosmetic surgery such as Breast Enlargements and Breast Reduction Procedures, Facelifts, Surgical Liposuction and Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty to minimally invasive VASER Liposuction, as well as Laser Hair Removal, Acne and Rejuvenation treatments.

Our priority and mission is YOU

At The Private Clinic, we only offer treatments that our growing team of Doctors and Surgeons specialise in. They are amongst the most experienced in their field, and you can rest assured that you are offered honest advice and the most suitable treatment for you. Find out more about our specialists here.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and the most advanced techniques to achieve the best results with the least amount of disruption to your everyday life. Where suitable, we perform walk-in walk-out procedures, which do not require general anaesthetic, overnight stays or involve long recovery periods.We are aware that the treatments we offer are elective procedures, and because of that we feel it is even more important to take a conservative approach. It is our duty to safeguard our patients and ensure their experience is a positive one.

We see over 15,000 new patients every year and perform over 10,000 procedures, with one of the highest – if not the highest – patients’ satisfaction in the sector, in 2019 we have a Trustpilot 9.4, 5 star rating, 96% would recommend us to their friends and family. We are a multi award winning provider and have been voted the Aesthetic award for Best UK Clinic Group 2017 and MyFaceMyBody Best Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice 2018.


The Private Clinic stands for quality and in order to achieve that, we make sure we put safety, expertise and patient satisfaction at the core of what we do – always.

The Private Clinic thrive to employ only experts who we believe to be amongst the very best in their respective fields.

The Private Clinic are very aware that the treatments we offer are elective procedures, and because of that we feel it is even more important to take a conservative approach. It is our duty to safeguard our patients and ensure that their experience is a positive one.

The Private Clinic want our patients to be happy with their treatment and what we have achieved for them. We aim to produce natural looking results to enhance our patients’ natural beauty and, more than anything else, we want to meet our patients’ expectations.

From the first call we thrive to provide our customers with excellent service. Our mission is to treat our patients in a professional, friendly and emphatic way, and to be available when they need us.

The Private Clinic commit to not trivialise the fact that these are surgical procedures and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We aim to provide patients with realistic expectations and honest advice, always.


We care about the people who work within our brand and the patients we treat.

We are driven by passion, innovation and ideas, so we promote and exercise a brand culture that is open to feedback to ensure that we bring the best to everyone we touch and being the best in everything we do.

As a Leader within the market we have to ensure we remain at the forefront of our patients minds and close to their hearts, so it is important that by “the best” we mean the best products and services, the best people and the best ideas.

Celebrating successes of employees across the brand as well as the thousands of happy patients we have helped.

Registered with Care Quality Commission and and the Healthcare Improvement Scotland

The Private Clinic is an independent healthcare provider and is therefore registered with the appropriate regulatory body. We work hard to demonstrate our compliance with exacting standards and set outcomes.

The Private Clinic is an advocate for the clinical governance criteria set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under the responsibility of the Nominated Individual (NI), and this is reflected not only in the service that we provide to our patients but also in our exemplary regulatory record.

Since we first opened our doors in 1983, our clinics in the UK have passed numerous unannounced and announced CQC inspections. We are proud that we have received on a number of occasions commendations for the quality of our high standards.

In line with the regulatory compliance, The Private Clinic ensures that all of its surgeons and doctors are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and are Specialists in their field, with certification which reflects this and hold a valid licence to practice with the GMC. The Private Clinic always ensures that any surgeon or doctor has extensive experience in their field of speciality, be it Cosmetic Surgery, Liposuction, Varicose vein removal, Hair Transplant. Our Medical Director oversees the admitting rights of surgeons, dermatologist and doctors and chairs The Private Clinic’s Independent Medical Advisory Committee.

As a nurse-led organisation, The Private Clinic employs nurses, who are registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and are fully trained on a continuous basis in cosmetic pre and post-operative care and non-surgical treatments. It is through this continuous training that we strive to meet both the expectation of our patients and those of the regulatory bodies.

See our recent CQC reports here.

The Private Clinic of Harley Street is regulated under the following regulatory bodies:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) for England (provider ID CRT1-3487232249).

The Best Medical experts and qualified staff

Our medical and clinical staff are amongst the best in the UK. At The Private Clinic of Harley Street, you will not be pressurised by a sales team, but supported by our trained Coordinators who will take the time to explain the procedural options to provide you with the outcome you are seeking, in detail and answer questions you may have. The majority of our staff have worked with us for many years and have an excellent understanding of the reasons why you have decided to consider having a Cosmetic procedure.

All of our qualified Nurses have undergone a minimum of three years general Nurse training and are appropriately qualified in Nursing Cosmetic Surgery, Varicose vein, Hair Transplant patients and providing non surgical and laser procedures. Your dedicated fully qualified Clinical and medical team will provide support for you both before and after your procedure, and answer any questions you may have.

Our team of Plastic Surgeons, Vascular surgeons, Hair Transplant surgeons, Dermatologists , Trichologists and Liposuction Doctors are highly skilled, fully qualified and innovative and have many years of experience, for further information on our medical experts. All have to meet our strict standards to provide service to The Private Clinic of Harley Street Patients, and are registered with the GMC holding a valid licence to practice and are considered experts in their respective fields and are members of their respective professional associations such as the British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS), the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), the British Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (BAPRAS), The Vascular society of Great Britain and Ireland, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and other international professional associations.

At The Private Clinic we have robust Practising Privileges criteria, which every Doctor and Surgeon must meet before their application can progress to the Independent Medical Advisory Committee which reviews all applications and approves treatment specific practicing privileges for each doctor. Doctors must hold a current Licence to Practice with the GMC and must provide an annual whole practice appraisal to maintain their practising privileges. Our Medical Advisory Committee is headed by our Chief Medical Officer Dr L Sheppard, former NHS consultant, who oversees the admitting rights of surgeons, dermatologist and doctors.

All our medical staff are approachable, competent and available to you 24 hours a day. Your Pre and Post operative care can be provided at our national clinics across the country, so you are always close to our clinic team to provide you with the care and support you may need.

We provide the highest standards of treatment and care in our Fitzroy CQC registered hospital and at our partner Hospitals across the UK.

We are 100% committed to maintaining our reputation and will continue leading the way in the development of exciting new procedures.


At The Private Clinic we strive to offer the most comprehensive information so that you can make a fully informed decision. The medical content on our website is reviewed by our medical experts within the specialisation that they cover. Our experts not only have years of experience, they publish medical papers within their field of expertise. To read about their credentials, experience and field of expertise click here

GMC -General Medical Council

The Private Clinic follows the General Medical Council recommendations for Cosmetic procedures listed out below. For further information please visit the GMC website  https://www.gmc-uk.org and further reading on the General Medical Council: Cosmetic Procedures what to consider

General Medical Council Guidelines for Cosmetic procedures include the following:

CONSENT – The doctor who will carry out your procedure must speak to you personally and get your consent.

OPENNESS – Your doctor must be open and honest about their skills, experience, fees and any conflicts of interests.

SAFETY – Your procedure must take place in a safe and suitable environment.

MARKETING – Your doctor must market their services responsibly and be clear about the risks involved.

EXPERIENCE – Your doctor should have experience of carrying out the procedure you’ve asked for.

TIME – Your doctor must give you enough time to make your decision. You should never feel pressured or rushed into having a procedure.

INFORMATION – Your doctor must give you clear information, including details about aftercare and who to contact if you’re worried.

COSTS – Your doctor must explain the costs clearly, including details of any fees you need to pay for any potential additional procedures.

At The Private Clinic, we are the proud recipients of a number of prestigious awards and accreditations within the aesthetic and cosmetic surgery sector. We are also proud of our 2019 Trust Pilot 5 star rating and 96% would recommend us to friends and family.

Aesthetic Awards – Highly Commended 2018

Aesthetic Awards – Best Clinic 2017

The Aesthetic Awards are a great way to bring together all of the best individuals, clinics and companies in the aesthetic industry and celebrate their achievements. Held yearly, the aesthetic awards are rewarded to those who the judges feel have worked hard to set the highest standards in their fields, products, treatments and individual practices and clinics.

MyFaceMyBody – Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice 2018

The MyFaceMyBody awards are one of the most recognised awards in the aesthetic and cosmetic sector. The awards set out to recognise and reward those who have shown excellence in their customer service and treatment plans.

In March 2018, The Private Clinic were awarded the Best Cosmetic Surgery Practice 2018.

The Private Clinic

It has been an exciting time for The Private Clinic this year. We had the merge with Aurora Clinics and invested in a central London Hospital to call our own. We believe that winning our recent awards has truly recognised our dedication and commitment to providing superb results.

We have a 9.3 score on TrustPilot with a 5 star rating which is one of the highest patient satisfactions results in the sector. 93% of our patients would recommend us to their friends and family and that is proven with over 15,000 new patients walking through the doors of our clinics located nationwide every year.

Our awards are recognition of the quality results and hard work of our team of medical experts and dedicated staff. It is always our mission to achieve the highest standards of quality cate here at The Private Clinic and we put our patients’ safety, medical expertise and patients’ satisfaction at the core of what we do.

Past Awards

We have been continuing to strive year on year and are proud of all of our achievements past and present. Past awards include;

  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2016 – Winner – The Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Award
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2016 –Ultimate Hall of Fame Winner – Ruby Award (3 consecutive years)
  • Aesthetic Awards 2016 – Highly Commended – The Swisscode Award for Best Clinic Group UK & Ireland (10 clinics or more)
  • Aesthetic Awards 2015 – Finalist
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2014 – Finalist
  • The GoodSurgeonGuide Public Choice Awards 2014– Cosmetic Surgery Clinic of the Year
  • Aesthetic Awards 2013 – Finalist
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2013 – Finalist – Best Clinic Team – Harley Street
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2013 – Finalist – Best Aesthetic Clinic
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2013 – Highly Commended – Best Body Reshaping Procedure – MicroLipo
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2012 – Winner Best Body Reshaping Procedure – Vaser Lipo at The Private Clinic
  • MyFaceMyBody Awards 2012 – Highly Commended – Best Clinic Team

At The Private Clinic we understand that reassurance about safety, expertise and quality of treatment is what every patient is seeking. We have years of experience and feel confident that your journey with The Private Clinic will be an excellent one.

All of our doctors and surgeons are registered with the GMC (General Medical Council), have years of experience in their field of interest and hold a valid licence to practice in the UK, and with our website doctor profile page you can research more about your doctor. The Private Clinic own and operate our London hospital, this means that right at the start of your patient journey we are in control of the quality of service you receive.

Our all inclusive prices mean that you receive a comprehensive aftercare service as part of the price, there are no hidden extras. Our dedicated experienced Clinic Nurses work in partnership with your Doctor, or Surgeon to tailor make a specific aftercare programme for you. All wound care and surgical review appointments with your nurse and doctor or surgeon are included in the price. So whether this is for a cosmetic surgical procedure or a minor surgical treatment your care is our priority and patient satisfaction is at the core of what we do- always.

If you have any concerns out of normal clinic opening hours, we provide you with a dedicated on call number 24/7 so you are always just a call away from any advice or reassurance. All consultations and pre and post-operative care takes place at your local clinic, so you can rest assured that you are in safe and reliable hands.

We understand that every patient is unique and recovers individually following surgery, this is why we provide all of our surgical and minor surgical procedure patients with a readmission policy of up to 3 years (procedure specific).  You can be confident that if you do encounter any post operative problems, or you and your surgeon feel a further improvement can be made, the treatment or care you need will be provided at no further cost. Please see specific after care for breast enlargement patients here.

Extended Aftercare Plan

For further peace of mind Patients at The Private Clinic can extend the aftercare and service they receive. You can set the level of cover that you feel you need and pay a single fee for up to 6 years post treatment (T&C’s apply). This means that any future appointments with your doctor or surgeon, or if you develop post treatment complications, your consultation and treatment would be provided at no further cost.

Non surgical and Skin treatments Aftercare

The Private Clinic place great importance on providing the best options for you. We offer a bespoke, treatment action plan that includes all aftercare. When you visit one of our clinics, you will have access to highly qualified medical experts be it doctors, nurses, surgeons or fully trained aesthetic practitioners who have years of experience. You are always welcome to visit our clinics to discuss your options, results or review. Please take a look at our range of treatments here.

We look forward to welcoming you into one of our clinics.

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