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“Why are Men so unhappy?” It isn’t what you think….

The Times Magazine on Saturday explored the reasons why it’s tough to be a guy nowadays.

Sarah Harris spoke to six men whose fate has taken unusual turns…two single men that have decided their bachelor days are over but are struggling to find a partner; a commercial lawyer who’s quit the rat race for a happier life but has found his confidence slipping therefore meeting new people has been incredibly tough; the stockbroker turned stay-at-home dad and the husband who earns less than his wife.

While their status as the main breadwinner may be in danger, it seems that there are more reasons to the crises affecting the modern man. What were once considered typical male attributes, such as strength and silence, are no longer seen as virtues but more as arrogance and inability to share their emotions. ‘’The world has become a place where men no longer have to be men’’ the journalist continues “they have to find something else to be but they don’t know what that thing is”.

As one of the many consequences of this existential crises, apparently 89% more men are seeking treatment for hair loss.

This got me thinking…is it such a bad thing that men are more interested in their physical appearance than ever before? Is it a sign of weakness? An indication that they are slowly moving into a woman’s territory? And what is it that women really want? An alpha male reluctant to show his feelings and not really bothered by their receding hairline? Or do women long for a modern man, comfortable at home with the kids, able to talk about how they feel and with soft manicured hands?

Well I for one believe that everybody should feel comfortable about their looks…and if a man feels the need for some help – just like us women – then why not?

Would we like our men to have a six pack and gorgeous locks? Of course! But, does it matter if they don’t? Of course not!

It is ultimately down to them and whatever makes them a little bit happier…

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