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How the gym obsessed looks maybe failing

The ever conscious world of celebrity have easily fallen into a routine of punishing  workouts to keep their body fat very lean. Keeping an eye on your weight and taking healthy gym visits is not a bad thing but it appears the results are less than pleasing to the eye.

Most have lean, slender bodies and healthy skin but there are some culprits to the bony framed and bulging veins look. Intensely veiny hands, and pumped up forearms has been common which is usually associated to a body builder but instead has been apparent in some of our beautiful celebrities – namely Madonna and Sarah-Jessica Parker.

Sex and the City star Sarah-Jessica Parker is known for her style and fashion but has often, dressed in her beautiful designer gowns, revealed her sinewy veiny arms. I’d be first to admit the envy I have for her fashion sense and slim figure but her daily exercise regime sounds gruelling and some can argue, taken too far.

We know the pressure for A-listers to stay extra slim for starring roles and even for the judgemental public eye and media, is immense, but the over-exercising trend has limits doesn’t it?

Madonna also has often been snapped on her way to the gym, next door to her house, and often papped with bulging veins.

I asked our vascular surgeon Dr Kyriakides why they bulge so much and he said “It is a sign of being healthy but some can be genetically prone to having large veins. However over training can result in this too. There is no fat to disguise them.”

At The Private Clinic we have pioneered a new laser treatment for veins on hands which is a great advancement in compare to more traditional procedures. Already available in the States, The Private Clinic has recently brought this revolutionary treatment to the UK. Consultant Vascular Surgeon, Constantinos Kyriakides, is the only surgeon to perform EVLT on the hands in Europe and he offers this treatment exclusively at The Private Clinic of Harley Street.

Prominent veins on the hands can also give away tell tale signs of their age making some look older than they actually are and even more so if you are slim!

If you’re naturally lean, gym obsessed or conscious of the veiny look, then there’s something here to think about. The Treatment we offer at The Private Clinic (EVLT(tm) – Endovenous Laser Treatment) is a new, minimally invasive method of treating veins on the hands.

Curious – then the doctor and I are here to give you more info!


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