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Can I have hair transplant treatment before holiday?

 I am planning a visit to the uk to have a consultation and if suitable a hair transplant. Can i fly immediately after the transplant? It is just a short flight to Italy. If not how many days do i have to wait before i can fly? Do i need to come back to the uk after the treatment or once i had my transplant done i don’t need to do anything more about it?

Thanks for your query. Technically you could fly to Italy the  same day after surgery. Most peopel don’t opt to do thsi as you will have redness on your scalp and a dressing on the back of your head. So it is up to you on that side of things. However I recommend that you rest the day of the surgery and fly the next day.

With regards to follow ups, we could communicate over the phone and there is no need to revisit us for a routine evaluation. I am always available so you will always have somebody at the end of phone to talk to shoudl you need to. We also have a patient co-ordinator who you can ask any questions too also.

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