• Full genetic analysis
  • High precision with 99.9 genetic analysis reproducibility
  • Personalised treatment solutions
  • Improves the effectiveness of hair loss treatments


How to diagnose the best hair loss treatment?

The Fagron TrichoTest™ is a genetic test and software solution which has been developed by Fagron Genomics. The TrichoTest is designed to support healthcare professionals in being able to personalise hair loss treatments for their patients. The test combines the analysis of genetic variations, lifestyle factors and literature related to hair loss treatment to then suggest appropriate treatment options through topical, oral or surgical solutions.

What factors cause hair loss and how to treat them?

Hair loss is a difficult condition to diagnose with many factors often contributing to its development. It is common for hair loss to be caused by genetic factors but other lifestyle factors such as diet can also attribute to this. Being able to detect the early signs of hair loss is important to be able to maintain and protect the existing hair follicles. Creating a personalised treatment plan is going to help give you the best results by choosing the best and most effective treatments.

Who is suitable for a Tricho hair loss DNA test?

The TrichoTest is suitable for both men and women who want to understand how their genetics affect their hair loss treatment as well as those who have a known family history of hair loss and anyone who has tried different hair loss treatments with little success.

You may be recommended to have a TrichoTest if you are too young to be considered for a hair transplant. Our surgeons can be very selective to be sure that patients have realistic expectations and to preserve the donor hair. A personalised treatment plan following a TrichoTest may help to reduce hair loss and preserve your otherwise healthy hair follicles.

Some patients may still experiences symptoms of hair loss following hair transplant surgery. This could be down to another underlying condition which needs to be identified and managed. A TrichoTest is a great way to allow your surgeon understand what is occurring and put together a more informed treatment plan to help maintain your results.

If a hair transplant is not an option for you, then a TrichoTest is a great way to help you understand your hair loss and have one of our experts put together a personal treatment plan to attempt to preserve your hair.

How does the Tricho hair loss DNA test work?

The Fagron TrichoTest works by analysing 3 polymorphisms within 16 DNA mutations (SNPs), analysing a total of 48 genetic variations. Detecting SNPs facilitates the understanding of specific characteristics of the metabolism of a patient that are related to hair loss. All SNPs used in Fagron TrichoTest™ have been scientifically validated from population studies, presenting a significative global incidence. After the analysis, Fagron TrichoTest™ provides the clinician a final report with suggested formulations for hair loss treatment, personalised for each patient, based on: Results obtained after analysis of the genes involved in 7 categories of hair treatment options. Information about patient characteristics and lifestyle, provided via a questionnaire completed by a clinician on the Fagron

What are the benefits of the Tricho hair loss DNA test?

  • Full genetic analysis
  • State of the art technology
  • Personalised treatment solutions
  • It is a non-invasive, reliable test that is valid for life
  • Improves the effectiveness of hair loss treatments
  • High precision with 99.9 genetic analysis reproducibility
Along with your medical history, you will discuss your diet, lifestyle, relationships, as well as your living and workplace environment, to pin-point any possible reason why you may be experiencing hair loss.
Your hair and scalp will be closely examined and only then will you be provided with a preliminary diagnosis and offered advice on medication, products and/or lifestyle changes that could help with your condition.
The consultation is long and thorough because unless we look at all the possible factors that might be causing you to lose your hair, we won’t be able to recommend an effective solution.
Please note that you may require further examination, such as blood analysis, to confirm the condition. A treatment plan can then be discussed.

What happens in a Tricho hair loss DNA test?

The TrichoTest is taken via a saliva sample which is collected with a cheek swab from the mouth.  The test is completely painless and only needs to be performed once in a lifetime. You will also be required to fill out a questionnaire to be submitted along with your samples.

Once you have received your test results back, you will be given a personalised treatment plan which could include suggestions of;

  • Minoxidil – Otherwise known as Regaine
  • Sillicumax – Collagen Supplements or PRP to stimulate collagen
  • Caffeine or Ginkgo – Found in caffeine Shampoos
  • Biotin – Otherwise known as Viviscal


The results from the TrichoTest takes approximately 14 days after the sample has been taken to be sent back to the clinic. The process of analysing the DNA is complex so this includes the time required to process the sample and generate a personalised report.

You will be notified once your results are back and an appointment will be made for you to discuss the results with an expert doctor.


What are the genetic variations analysed by TrichoTest™?

The genetic variations analysed by Fagron TrichoTest™ are associated with 7 different hair loss treatment categories:

  • Prostaglandins metabolism
  • Inflammation
  • Androgenic effect
  • Vasodilation and blood circulation
  • Collagen synthesis
  • Deficit of vitamins and minerals
  • Insulin metabolism

What is the relationship between the genes analysed and the treatment options used for hair loss?

The association of the analysed genes with hair loss treatment possibilities is based on more than 50 scientific publications and evidences. A detailed scientific validation document is available upon request which provides a complete explanation and further information about the genes analysed and the pathways involved.

What is the TrichoTest process?

The TrichoTest process will start with a consultation either with a Hair Transplant Surgeon or a Trichologist who will be able to provide more information about the test. If you wish to go ahead then mouth swab samples will be taken from you and an online questionnaire will need to be filled out. The samples and questionnaire is then sent away to a lab where they will be tested and results usually arrive back within 24 days. The report will be sent back to the clinic who will then contact you to book another appointment. In this appointment you will meet again with a Hair Transplant surgeon or Trichologist will be able to explain the results of your TrichoTest and the treatment recommendations where a personalised treatment plan will then be put together. You will then be able to purchase or order in the recommended products in clinic to start using.

How are the TrichoTest samples obtained?

The quantity of DNA required for the analysis is obtained with an oral swab. The procedure to obtain the sample is simple, painless and can be carried out at home or in the clinician’s office. The sample collection kit contains all necessary materials and instructions in a very detailed way.

Before taking the sample;

  • Hands must be washed properly, or disposable gloves should be used.
  • Patients should avoid eating, smoking, alcohol, drinking (water is the exception) or brushing teeth at least 1h before scraping.
  • Patients are advised to rinse the mouth with water before scraping.
  • Informed consents must be filled and signed by the clinician and the patient.

During sample;

  • Removal of the swab from the swab tube.
  • The inside part of one of the cheeks must be scraped energetically with the scraping end of the swab for 1 minute, while rotating the swab. The scraping end of the swab should only be in contact with the inside of the cheek.
  • The swab must be left to dry for 10 minutes, out of the tube, avoiding contact with any surface.
  • The swab should be stored back in the tube and closed.
  • The process must be repeated using the other swab, scraping the inside part of the other cheek.

What is the efficacy of the Fagron TrichoTest?

Fagron TrichoTest™ provides clinicians with complete information about their patients’ hair loss genetic profile. The genetic characteristics evaluated can influence the effect of certain treatments used for hair loss. To support the clinician, a Fagron TrichoTest™ report is created for each patient, providing suggested personalised treatments for hair loss. This can prevent clinicians from prescribing several try-out therapies, reducing the time needed to find the most suitable treatment available for the patient and reducing the possibility of side effects.

The suggested formulations generated in Fagron TrichoTest™ reports are supported by literature. A Fagron TrichoTest™ Scientific validation document and Fagron TrichoTest™ Literature review is available to clinicians upon request. These documents contain the explanation of each gene and variation analysed by Fagron TrichoTest™ and how they relate to a specific treatment used for hair loss.

What is the expected waiting time until receiving the results?

The process of analysing DNA is complex. The results are expected to be sent approximately 14 days after the patient sample was taken. This includes the time needed to process the sample and to generate a personalised report.

How are the results from the TrichoTest shared?

The results from the TrichoTest report will be delivered to the clinician directly through the Fagron Genomics online platform. The report can be generated in multiple languages.

How reliable are the results from the TrichoTest?

The technology used to analyse the DNA taken in the TrichoTest is widely validated as a platform for genetic studies, with reproducibility and specificity rates around 99%. Fagron Genomics laboratory technicians are particularly trained for this type of analysis and analyse thousands of samples every year, having extensive experience in this process.

What happens if my TrichoTest fails?

Although the methodology used is the best currently available, sometimes it can happen that the sample does not contain enough DNA and it is not possible to provide a reliable result. This may be due to many factors, such as the sampling process was not performed correctly or that the sample was not kept in proper temperature conditions before or during shipment.

In these cases a new batch of swabs will be sent without the kit box, to perform a new sampling of the patient. If the online registration was already performed previously, it will not be required again. One repeat test will be offered for free.

What will the results of the TrichoTest tell me?

The results of Fagron TrichoTest™ are able to inform you on the type of genetic gene mutation that you carry and how your lifestyle factors are contributing to your hair loss. The TrichoTest will also then provide several treatment recommendations to counter the gene mutation and help target hair loss and protect existing hair.

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