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  • MIT – Institute of Trichologists (1993)
Jane Mayhead
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About Jane Mayhead

Jane graduated from the Institute of Trichologists in 1993 and has since worked at some of the UK’s most respected hair clinics.

She is a well-known campaigner for women with alopecia, and has set up a support group in her local hometown of Rochester to help those who suffer from the condition. She believes in a holistic approach to treatment and focuses heavily on dietary plans to ensure patients’ wider health is considered.

A regular commentator in well-known publications and media outlets, Jane also shares her expertise on hair and scalp issues through newsletters and lectures to industry specialists. She was chosen as an expert trichologist for the ‘Regaine for Women’ campaign where she had the opportunity to liaise with both haircare professionals and those suffering from hair loss.

Jane works at our London Harley Street, Birmingham and Northampton clinics offering a sympathetic and sensitive service to all aspects of hair loss and scalp issues. She focuses on underlying factors with nutrition which forms a large part of her service and treatment advice.

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