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About Denise Knight

Denise has over 20 years working with hair and scalp problems as a specialist Trichologist. Her passion for healthy hair and helping men women with hair loss stems from her first-hand experience of the distress hair and scalp conditions can cause.

An active member of the Institute of Trichologists, Denise first gained an interest in Trichology while working in the hairdressing industry. She came across a host of clients suffering from hair thinning, hair loss and scalp problems, at which point the desire to help these people drove her to embrace a new passion.

Denise understands the sensitive nature of such conditions and has a committed, holistic approach that helps her want to achieve the very best outcome for her patients by analysing the full picture behind possible reasons of hair loss and any scalp condition.

Denise is available to consult and treat a number of hair and scalp conditions, linked to various hereditary, medical or physical problems at our Leeds clinic.

Treatments performed by Denise Knight

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Hair Loss Medications

The Private Clinic of Harley Street, London are UK leaders in Hair Loss and Hair Restoration treatments.

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Hair Thinning, Hair Loss & Trichology

Trichology is the scientific study of hair and scalp.