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Skin Tightening – Loose or Sagging Skin

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As we age our skin loses elasticity and collagen which helps to keep your skin looking and feeling firm. Other factors that can prematurely age your skin and cause sagging skin include repetitive facial expressions, sleeping positions, smoking , extreme weight loss and sun exposure.

As you lose fat from your face this can also cause your face to droop and bone loss over time means your skin can no longer tighten around it resulting in loose skin.

The most common areas to notice loose or sagging skin are in the lower portion of the face around the cheek and jaw area as fat is usually lost from the middle area of the face therefore creating a gravity effect.

The best way to prevent loose or sagging skin and retain a taut appearance is to lead a healthy lifestyle, stop smoking, eat a good diet, wear SPF every day and invest in high quality cosmeceutical products to improve your skincare regime.

We are the UK’s leading non-invasive and minimally invasive cosmetic group of clinics and have some of the most experienced specialists in the industry that can advise on the best treatment for sagging or loose skin. The next step is to book a free consultation to discuss your area of concern. We treat thousands of patients every year and pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise. All of our Clinics are registered with the Care Quality Commission and The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services.

Available Treatments

Our Thermage treatment works to lift, firm and smooth the skin making it ideal for those suffering with loose or sagging skin. Thermage uses radiofrequency technology that contracts the collagen in the skin. The treatment heats the deep collagen tissue layers of the skin which kick starts your body’s natural ability to renew these tissues resulting in the formulation of new collagen over time. When your body produces new collagen it reduces the sagging of the skin making your skin look smoother and younger.

Thermage has no downtime and you will be able to return to your everyday activities after treatment. Thermage is an advanced skin tightening treatment for the face, neck and décolletage, as well as the body.  You will only need one session of treatment

Thermage is an advanced skin tightening treatment – you only need one session as it targets the SMAS band within the skin which is the same layer targeted during a thread lift.

Thermage treatment for loose or sagging skin is available at London Harley Street.


The Cynosure laser skin tightening treatment is great for improving the signs of loose or sagging skin. The treatment involves heating the skin to promote collagen and elastin production within the skin which produces tightening effects to the skin.

A course of 3-6 treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart is the average amount needed to reduce the appearance of sagging or loose skin, this will depend on the condition of your skin. The treatment takes between 30-45 minutes but this will vary depending on the areas being treated. The treatment is not instant as it relies on your own skin natural healing process but you can start seeing the results from treatment a month or two after treatment with the best results being seen 4–6 months after you have finished the full course of treatment.

There is no downtime related to this treatment, you may experience redness but this will fade after a few hours and the majority of patients will feel no discomfort and return to their normal activities immediately.

Cynosure laser treatment for tightening loose or sagging skin is available in Manchester and Buckinghamshire close to Oxford, High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Beaconsfield.


Laser genesis is another version of our laser skin tightening treatments that is great for treating a range of conditions including sagging or loose skin. Your skin will first be thoroughly cleansed and analysed to pick the key areas for the treatment to target. You will then be given some black out goggles or glasses to wear before your practitioner starts using the laser on your face. You will feel a warming sensation from the laser but it shouldn’t be unbearable.

The laser energy is targeted at activating the papillary dermis located below the skin which is responsible for producing collagen. The heat from the laser activates the papillary dermis to start producing collagen as a direct result which will eventually result in a lifted appearance to the treated skin.

The neck, face and décolleté (neck area) can be treated and although you may notice improvements after just one treatment, it is recommended that you have 6 treatments spaced 3 weeks apart. There is no downtime meaning you can get back to your everyday activities straight after treatment.

Genesis laser treatment for loose or sagging skin is available in London Harley Street.


A thread lift is a delicate non-surgical procedure designed to gently lift sagging or loose facial skin. The procedure involves your doctor, nurse or surgeon using very fine surgical sutures/threads being inserted into the soft tissue of the face to lift and support the sagging areas. It is a great procedure for moderate sagging and laxity of the skin in the cheeks, eyebrows, eyes, jowls and neck.

A thread lift procedure usually takes between 30-60 minutes and the downtime post-procedure is minimal with only some slight bruising or swelling being visible. You will usually notice a difference after your thread lift treatment but the best results are not seen until a few weeks after treatment with results lasting 6 months to two years.

Thread lift for sagging and lose skin is available at London Harley Street, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Northampton and Buckinghamshire close to Oxford, High Wycombe, Aylesbury and Beaconsfield.


In more severe cases of sagging or loose skin then a surgical option may be the best route of action to get the results that you desire.

A facelift or rhytidectomy is performed by a plastic surgeon who will lift and tighten the underlying muscles of the face to create a more lifted and youthful appearance.  Most patients who undergo a facelift are between the ages of 40 and 70 years old although depending on the quality of your skin, health and your desired results there is no age limit to this procedure.

A facelift will be performed under general anaesthetic and it typically takes between 1-3 hours to perform. It is recommended that you take at least 1-2 weeks off work and avoid any Exercise, straining and carrying heavy loads during your recovery period. Swelling from the procedure will significantly reduce over a few days, but bruising may take a few weeks to subside.

Consultations with a Plastic Surgeon for Facelifts for sagging jowls are available at London Harley Street, Manchester, Leeds and Northampton.

Consultations with an experienced patient advisor for facelifts for sagging jowls are available in Bristol, Liverpool and Newcastle.


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