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Why is Skin Analysis crucial to understanding your skin?

Why is a Skin Analysis so Important?

The reason behind bringing people in for Skin Analysis, is so that we can see what’s really going on with their skin. A consultation with us means we can correctly identify what is going on with you skin, what skin type you are and what products are going to be most suitable.

Through a thorough skin analysis we can examine the evenness of your skin tone, sun spots, wrinkles, pores and acne spots. By having such a close up look, we can avoid any guesswork, and are able to offer you professional advice.

Your skin mirrors your internal health and breakouts in specific areas can give an insight into what’s causing them. For example, spots on your chin can be caused by stress and a bad diet, while a breakout on the forehead can indicate that you need to drink more water, and eat more whole foods, to improve your bladder’s eliminatory functions.

We need to go through the history of products you use at home, your diet, hormones, as well as things such as pollution, your working environment, etc.

Each of these has a different effect on your skin, so we just want to go through that completely, because going forward it’s about more than having just one treatment. You will need to use products at home, and you’ll need to make sure that you’re looking after your skin every day. Coming in and having one treatment isn’t going to be enough to keep your skin healthy because it requires constant care.

As you move ahead, there’s more than just the one treatment that you’ve signed up for. It’ll be a sort of journey that we take you on – so think of it in terms of the next stage. Each month your skin will change and develop, especially with the products you’re using at home, so the consultation and analysis process will also go on through your journey.

Skin Treatments at The Private Clinic

We have a wide range of skin treatments and products available and we will create a personalised treatment plan based on the results from your skin analysis.

Treatments available include:

Skin Analysis at The Private Clinic

Skin Analysis’s are available with our Consultant Dermatologist; Dr Rishika Sinha, MA(Cantab), MB BChir, MRCP(Derm). GMC Number: 6092256.

If you are having skin concerns then a dermatologist consultation is a great place to start, Dr Sinha will be able to analyse your skin in great detail and provide you with useful information regarding any lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your concerns as well as recommending treatment to help make your skin the best it can be.

We also have a team of experienced skin specialists in our clinics nationwide who are all able to treat and advise on a range of skin conditions such as;

If you would like to arrange a skin analysis consultation please call 0333 920 2471 or or use our dermatology online contact form.

Dermatologist consultations are available in London Harley Street

Selected skin treatments are available in our clinics nationwide; London Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Leeds, Manchester and Northampton.

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