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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – How to Avoid Bad Hair Transplants

Bad hair transplants are an unfortunate reality. Sadly there is not enough regulation in place and not everyone takes their duty of care as seriously as we do. The past 10 years have seen major improvements in transplant techniques and capabilities. Unfortunately not all clinics utilise the latest techniques and adhere to the very basic tenets of medical care, leaving the patient vulnerable to avoidable age-old problems. We offer 3 big tips to aid your research before coming to any decision about your hair transplant.

Before and After Advanced FUE Hair Transplant by Dr Raghu Reddy at The Private Clinic
Before and After Advanced FUE Hair Transplant by Dr Raghu Reddy at The Private Clinic

1. FUE vs. FUT?

If you’re looking into hair transplants often one of the first debates you will come across with be the FUE vs. FUT debate. Here at The Private Clinic we are committed to the latest, minimally invasive and most advanced procedures so we do not offer the FUT method. It is not so much a debate at The Private Clinic as a clear issue of choice. FUT hair transplants may benefit a small selection of patients more but experience tells us patients like the effective, permanent results and very little downtime associated with the FUE method.

If you’re confused: research, research and do even more research. We are confident in our procedures and believe they offer the best option for most patients but it’s important that every patient comes to understand that too hopefully. We do not pressure our patients and urge them to inform themselves.

2. Take Your Time

Hair loss affects each man in varying ways – some are not altogether obvious and can present themselves in unusual and sometimes uncomfortable ways. Understanding how you really feel about hair loss can be complicated and sometimes downplayed. A hair transplant should not be undertaken lightly, especially if it could be a reaction to a difficult event in your life. Take your time to understand your motivations and this will help you to maintain realistic expectations. Hair Transplants can help transform lives but it’s important to know the limits and know the procedure. For instance the first few weeks after a procedure can be hard on our expectations as there is a degree of shedding – something entirely natural and why we remind patients frequently results will take around 9-12 months to fully show.

3. The internet

The advent of internet has made access to information so much easier but what information can you trust? Businesses have specific interests but so do some forum members and bloggers. Safe, effective cosmetic procedures can often get lumped together with bad, unethical clinics and medical teams – leading to confusion and misdirected criticism. The best thing to do is continue reading what you can on the internet and try and find sources you can trust. Additionally, like anything, exercise caution when you are quoted a low price. Price does not guarantee quality though so make sure you ask your clinic lots of questions about their experience and quality of care.

Harsh criticism is nearly always directed against bad practice and unscrupulous behaviour. Under the right conditions, patients will have been informed about the risks (any procedure has associated risks), how the clinic aims to minimise them and what will happen if things go wrong. Choosing the right clinic is paramount. Please do remember there are plenty of rational, realistic and happy patients out there.

The Private Clinic

As a premium clinic with, what we consider, a good online reputation, we hope our blog and website can be an information source to trust. Having been at the forefront of the cosmetic industry for 30 years, we have built a strong following and considerable reputation. For professional advice, book a consultation with our team: http://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/treatments/hair-transplant/hair-transplant-men

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