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The Ballerina Curse on Hair Loss

Traction alopecia in women is also known as ‘Ballerina Baldness’ as it is often caused by hair being pulled too tight damaging the roots and is common with dancers and ballerinas who are used to wearing their hair up and

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The Hair Transplant patient journey at The Private Clinic

With over 30 years of medical experience behind us, we absolutely understand the fear and anxiety that can come with Hair Loss, and we appreciate the considerations that often come hand in hand when trying to find a suitable treatment.

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Are Hair Transplants suitable for women?

Hair can sometimes feel like an important part of us; from its colour to how we style it, a lot of our personality can be expressed through it. Therefore, when hair loss occurs, it can feel like part of us

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Is Rihanna Losing Her Hair? Singer Shows Signs of Hair Loss

Rihanna, the world famous Bajan beauty and singer, is reportedly showing signs of hair loss. Known for her striking and beautiful hairstyles, the hairpieces and weaves she may have become accustomed to could be damaging her hair, leading to hair

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FUE Hair Restoration Treatment on Afro Hair

Last month English supermodel, Naomi Campbell, was pictured on holiday in Ibiza sporting a dramatic receding hairline. Naomi has always looked picture perfect with her shiny long locks, but she was barely recognisable in her recent holiday photos. Like Naomi,

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