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What are the signs for thinning hair?

With the recent emotional outpouring from Nadia Sawalha from Loose Women regarding her hair loss fears and the confession from Ronnie Wood refusing chemotherapy in case he lost his hair, it seems that the fear of losing one’s locks is

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What you need to know about female pattern baldness

Did you know that about one-third of women will experience hair loss at some time in their lives? Female hair loss and baldness can be very distressing for women who find themselves with the condition. The quicker you realise and

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Female Hair Loss and Treatment Options

When it comes to issues with the female hair, the instinct is usually to speak to your hairdresser. But did you know that that often the source too many hair problems, especially hair loss can normally be down to the

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Trichologist for Female Hair Loss

  When something is not feeling right with our teeth we visit the dentist, with our body we visit the doctor and our eyes we visit the optician but what about if there is something wrong with our hair? A

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What can we do about female hair loss?

Losing your hair is an emotional experience for anyone, but perhaps even more so for a woman as often a women’s hair can feel like her crowning glory and too see it go can be devastating. Hair loss can often

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Are Hair Transplants suitable for women?

Hair can sometimes feel like an important part of us; from its colour to how we style it, a lot of our personality can be expressed through it. Therefore, when hair loss occurs, it can feel like part of us

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Jourdan Dunn wears wigs because of hair loss

Jourdan Dunn is one of the most envied women in the world when it comes to how she looks; as a Victoria’s Secret angel and high-end model, she’s rarely seen looking anything less than perfect. However, while her grooming regime

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Hair Loss in Women: Dr Reddy of The Private Clinic talks to Closer Online

Kristen Stewart, from the Twilight films, recently sparked hair loss rumours when she was spotted out with a hairstyle that possibly revealed she was experiencing a degree of hair loss. There could be a number of reasons why a woman

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This Is My Hair: A FUE Hair Transplant in Action

At The Private Clinic we decided to start up a series on female hair loss and restoration titled: This Is My Hair. We began this week by posting on social media about a young woman’s triangular alopecia and her FUE

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