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My big brother has been losing his hair since early teenage years

 Hi My big brother has been losing his hair since early teenage years. He used to have thick and full hair. He uses products from Belgravia, he’s convinced they work, but personally i don’t see a difference. My father has had follicle implementation in Belgravia, maybe 10 years ago, i can’t remember as i was young. He’s has some taken from the back of his head and inserted at the front. But im not sure about the results. My brother is thinking of taking the same path but i am not convinced by it all. I was wondering if there are new research about the subject of hair loss or new treatments. I don’t know if it’s a hormonal/genetic problem and what can be done about this. Are there any alternatives to surgical treatment?

Hi there, thanks for your query. Hair loss has a multitude of causes – Genetic, Physical and ageing are some of the common causes.There is convincing evidence to support use of minoxidil and propecia in preventing further loss of hair. My advice is to see a dermatologist or a hair restoration surgeon to get a miniaturisation mapping study and get further advice on the way forward. I can talk you through the third generation FUE technique we do also.


Dr Reddy

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