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Male Grooming Laid Bare: Laser Hair Removal for Men Survey

It seems like a no-brainer to many of our patients. You can really get rid of unwanted hair. For anyone with unwanted or unruly body hair, whether it’s stray hairs on the cheeks, brow area or back of the neck, there’s a cost-effective solution out there – laser hair removal. With little need for costly waxing sessions or time-consuming shaving habits, laser hair removal has been popular with women for quite some time but even with women take-up is still remarkably low. According to a new survey in the news, most men would consider Laser Hair Removal but why is it that men often prefer waxing and shaving to permanent hair removal? We wanted to explore the issue in a blog post.

Alec Baldwin Manscaping - You Can Define Your Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal
Alec Baldwin Manscaping – You Can Define Your Body Hair with Laser Hair Removal

Hair Removal Survey found:

  • 83.8% of men said they would not be embarrassed or wouldn’t care about the embarrassment in having laser hair removal
  • 16.2% of men would find laser hair removal embarrassing
  • Only 0.4% had tried laser hair removal (or another light-based treatment) compared to 2.9% for women
  • 33% of those men who hadn’t tried laser hair removal would consider trying it in the future
  • 36.2% said cost was not an issue when considering permanent hair reduction
  • 61.6% of men would not be worried about knowing how it works just as long as it does work

Where do you sit? Laser hair removal makes a lot of sense. Not many people enjoy a hairy back and stray hairs can be busted once and for all with a course of treatments.

Our Verdict

We asked everyone on Twitter and similar results came back. Lots of men were proud to have body hair but if they had issues like a mono-brow or a hairy back they would definitely consider laser hair removal. Some respondents commented on the embarrassment of going to a beauty salon to have it done when it is widely considered to be the preserve of women. This isn’t necessary when you come to a medical cosmetic clinic. Our discreet waiting rooms and staff take confidentiality very seriously. The clue’s even in our name: The Private Clinic.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments are available at our clinics in: London, BirminghamManchester, Northampton and Leeds.

For more info about how The Private Clinic  – with clinics across the UK – we can provide expert-led laser hair removal treatments at our medical cosmetic clinics: https://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/treatments/laser-hair-removal/

To arrange an appointment at any of our clinics please call us on 0203 325 6555 or visit our laser hair removal page on our website. 

Survey Source: Syneron Candela, March 2013

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