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Cosmetic Trend: Fat Grafting, Particularly Fat Transfer to the Breasts Booms

70% of US plastic surgeons have used fat grafting techniques for breast operations, according to the latest report published in the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). It is currently more commonly used in breast reconstruction procedures rather than cosmetic breast surgery but the popularity of the procedure for both medical and cosmetic reasons is rising quickly. The report was led by ASPS Member Surgeon Dr. J. Peter Rubin of University of Pittsburgh and Russell Kling.

Fat transfer to the Breasts Before and After
Fat transfer to the Breasts Before and After

Fat Transfer procedures extract fat from unwanted body fat areas through liposuction. The Private Clinic use minimally invasive VASER Lipo to carefully extract the fat while maintaining the fat cell viability. Once the fat has been extracted it is refined and injected into the breasts for augmentation and reshaping. A degree of over-plumping is employed as some of the fat cells are reabsorbed into the body. The success of the procedure is largely down to the precision and experience of the doctor or surgeon performing the procedure. It is always important to ask for some hard facts and before and after shots before going ahead

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic is noticing a big rise in cosmetic Fat Transfer to the Breasts procedures at our clinics, as people seek out more ‘natural’ alternatives to implants for natural-looking and natural-feeling results. Our medical teams have been instrumental in the rising popularity of fat transfer procedures here in the UK, with their high success rates, training and experience – including Dr Dennis Wolf, Mr Alberto Di Giuseppe, Dr Puneet Gupta and Mr Edwin Anthony.

About the Source

The latest journal article about Fat Transfer procedures appeared in the well-respected journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and it is the official journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and represents over 7,000 member surgeons.

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