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5 Top Cosmetic Treatments for those wanting to avoid the downtime

Time is precious and we are seeing an increase in patients now who do not want the downtime that is associated with many surgical procedures. Non-surgical treatments are a great alternative and can often give long-lasting results with limited downtime

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Best cosmetic doctors, Near Me

“The era of over-filled lips and dramatic cosmetic surgery procedures is passing, with patients looking for not just a subtler look and an alternative to invasive forms of cosmetic surgery… combined with people wanting to return to their day to

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Freshen up your face

And just like that it’s all over! The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of late nights, festive food and potentially too much drink that may have left your skin looking slightly dull and neglected. Catching a glimpse

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Four non-surgical alternatives to a facelift

We all wish we could turn back time (physically, at least). But not everyone is ready for or willing to undergo extensive surgery in order to achieve the feat. With this in mind, we explore four non-surgical facelift options to

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Treatment Guide FAQ: Keloid Scars (Keloids)

Keloid scarring is a common skin problem, commonly associated with darker skin types but can happen to any skin type. A keloid scar is a raised scar that has grown too much over the original skin damage and can be

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Mesotherapy to the Face at The Private Clinic

Mesotherapy to the Face is an advanced and specialised skin rejuvenation treatment using a polyrevitalising cocktail that is carefully administered to the face with no downtime or bruising. Mesotherapy to the Face is available at The Private Clinic from one

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Treatment Guide FAQ: Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition. Rosacea is a common rash, typically affecting 40-60 year olds and light skinned people, usually on the face. Rosacea can be diagnosed by a doctor looking at your skin, no tests needed. It is

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Dermal Fillers in the News: How Qualified Is Qualified in the Cosmetic Industry?

The big news over the bank holiday weekend for the Aesthetic industry were the recommendations put forward as part of a review by the NHS director, Sir Bruce Keogh, into cosmetic procedure regulations that included a ban on unqualified administration

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The Organic Lift (fat transfer to the face) vs. surgical facelifts

Self-improvement comes in many forms and it can be easy to get lost in the options. A yoga course or perhaps a new hobby can reap huge benefits for the mind and body but sometimes we need a little bit

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Fat Transfer: The Latest Weapon in the fight against Ageing

A recent news story, featured in The Sunday Times last week, looked at a facial volume enhancing technique, currently being trialled in Belgium that uses stem cells in fat (adipose) tissue to selectively restore lost volume to the face, as

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