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The ‘Victory V’

This week has seen the opening ceremony to the Paralympic games, and we think it is safe to say that the UK is still wearing its Olympic crown with pride. Something that we have noticed at the clinic is that with all the hype surrounding the Olympics, and the sportsmen that go alongside it, we have seen an unexpected rise in a brand new trend – the ‘V’.

With athletes parading their super fit physiques around London for the last month it is no wonder that the general public as a whole are starting to show an increased interest in having a fitter and more toned body. People want to achieve their own ‘Victory V’, the muscular line that runs from the hipbone downwards towards the groin.

This week alone we have had two patients ask the doctors at the clinic about how they can achieve the look and whether they can achieve it through a Vaser procedure. The answer is yes, although it is important that you already lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Here at The Private Clinic we offer a VASER Hi Def treatment that will help to bring out the ‘V’ shape. VASER Hi Def was launched in 2008, it is a minimally invasive procedure and only performed under local anaesthetic. This procedure removes stubborn and localised pockets of fat improving the shape and contours of your body. It enables your body to look more defined and toned, providing you with the much sought after athletic, sculpted look.

Earlier this week we posted about the ‘V’ on our Facebook wall, and it is fair to say that Facebook fan Cathy was not a fan of the shape! But what does everybody else think? We would love to know your opinions on the ‘Victory V’, so why not leave us a message in the comment box below!

For more information on this procedure and more please view our website.


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