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3G FUE Hair Transplant craze for Celebs

So what do Wayne Rooney, Gordon Ramsay and now Louis Walsh all have in common? You guessed it, they have all had hair transplants.  FUE Hair Transplants are becoming more and more popular and not just amongst celebrities. The procedure is now common place for men everywhere who are concerned with thinning and receding hair. In fact the 3G FUE hair transplant is one of the fastest growing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures amongst men, as reported at The Private Clinic.

Previous techniques tended to produce very unsuccessful and varied results which meant less people opted for them, however with the 3G FUE procedure it is possible to achieve excellent results with no scaring!

The minimally invasive procedure works by taking healthy hair follicles from areas of the head then implanting them into the bald areas. The result – natural and optimum results with no scalpels or scaring.

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