Month: November 2010

Hair Loss

There are often times men and women feel self conscious about the way they look and often voice these concerns over a few drinks. When men start talking about receding hair lines, instantly there are common jibes by other men.

I developed a varicose vein during pregnancy – will it go?

I have a 2 month old baby and in pregnancy I developed what I think is a varicose vein behind the knee of my right leg. Is this a result of the pregnancy or would it have come anyway? Will

Memory loss? Ageing skin? What stress is doing to us

On The Times today you can find a very interesting article on a new book by the writer Thea Singer, which has created controversy in America. Singer claims that stress is a leading cause of telomeres erosion and that women

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Get fresh faced ahead of the party season!

Do you think it’s just wrinkles that make you look older? Think again. A  study has shown that blotchy, uneven and dull skin can add up to twenty years to your apparent age, even if your face isn’t lined or

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Earlier this week the Daily Mail wrote about the latest treatment for painful varicose veins in the form of hot steam. The device that’s smaller than a ­matchstick, sprays super-hot steam into blood vessels to ­treat painful varicose veins. Instantly


When Sarah Woods, 35, met her new partner James in advertising, she quickly wanted to change something specific about her appearance which previously had held her back. As a teenager Sarah suffered from varicose veins and always covered her legs

I’ve noticed that my hair is starting to fall out

I’ve noticed recently that my hair just seems to have started to fall out. I’ve never had an issue before so wondered if this is normal as its slightly worrying me?  Dennis. Hi there, thanks for your query. Most men

Now is the time for treatment!

With Winter upon us now, we are entering the best time of year to consider treatment for varicose veins. Now is the time to get those legs ready for Summer. Layers can be piled on and no-one needn’t know that you’ve

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