VASER Mid-Def is The Private Clinic’s own, unique VASER Liposculpture technique that offers results in-between Standard VASER and VASER Hi-Def Lipo.

VASER Mid-Def was devised by our doctors for those who want a defined, athletic look, but not as extreme as that of VASER Hi-Def which gives clients the elite athlete definition. It is the decreased body fat, not increased muscularity, that gives clear definition to muscles seen through the skin.

Common problematic areas that can be treated with VASER Mid-Def include:

AbdomenChest – Buttocks – ChinFlanks – Waist/Hips – BackThighsArms

The VASER Mid-Def Treatment

The VASER Mid-Def technique involves slightly more than the Standard VASER treatment – deposits of fat surrounding specific muscle groups are selectively removed – but the treatment follows the same pattern otherwise.

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The VASER Mid-Def Results

Offering results in between standard VASER and VASER Hi-Def, VASER Mid-Def brings out slight definition with some shadowing, but a softer finish than VASER Hi-Def. To achieve the best results you may be advised to undergo a course of MLD Massage during your recovery, which your specialist will advise on during consultation.

Our Medical Team

Our doctors have performed hundreds of VASER Mid-Definition procedures and perfected the VASER Mid-Def ‘look’ for both men and women.

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