VASER Lipo on Back & Bra Strap Fat

Back (Back Rolls / Bra Strap Fat)

Target Zone: Men and women who have excess fat distributed across their back and sides

Solution: VASER Lipo – an advanced liposelection body contouring procedure

When we gain weight it often doesn’t happen evenly. Many females gather excess fat across the back, leading to bulges around the bra strap area. If you’re self-conscious about the clothes you wear or afraid of your beach body and are finding it difficult to fix, VASER Lipo may be able to help. A minimally-invasive, walk-in walk-out alternative to traditional liposuction, the treatment allows patients to sculpt their back and deliver toning in the area.

The Procedure

VASER Lipo is a body contouring procedure for ultimate control over your shape. It is a minimally invasive, popular alternative to traditional liposuction, performed at our own local clinics across the country.

Using local anaesthetic and sedation, the treatment involves injecting a tumescent fluid to separate  fat from surrounding tissues which minimises disruption as well as subsequent swelling and bruising. After this, a VASER probe is inserted that emits bursts of ultrasound energy to shake and break down fat cells, which are then gently taken out by aspiration cannulae. It’s targeted procedure, specifically designed to improve results and reduce downtime and discomfort, whilst toning the back and ridding of any ‘bra strap bulges’.

Recovery is normally fairly swift, though you may be advised to undergo a course of MLD massgae in order to aid it. Full aftercare instructions will be given by our medical staff, who will be at hand to answer your queries as you recover and long into the future as part of our patient promise.

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Why Choose VASER Lipo at The Private Clinic?

  • VASER Lipo is a walk-in walk-out procedure that’s also minimally invasive
  • We can treat most problem areas and you can opt to treat more than one area in a session
  • General anaesthetic isn’t necessary for this procedure
  • No hospital stay
  • You can get back to work quickly, as soon as a few days for some procedures
  • Skin retraction is certainly possible, especially with good skin quality
  • We only work with world-class experts across the UK
  • Minimum fuss and disruption to your daily life and body
  • We have performed the most VASER Lipo procedures in the UK to date
  • All our patients receive our full aftercare promise
CoolSculpting at The Private Clinic

If Vaser Liposuction is not for you, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical answer to reshaping and contouring your body. Book your free consultation to find out more.


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