VASER Lipo on Abdomen

Abdomen (Beer Belly, Spare Tire, Muffin Top)

Target Zone: Stubborn, sizeable and bulging fat deposits around the abdomen

Solution: VASER Lipo – minimally invasive alternative to traditional liposuction which targets specific areas of fat.

If your stomach area makes you self conscious, VASER Lipo can be an effective solution. Our busy lives often mean we sacrifice exercise or, even when we don’t, struggle to get the toning we want.

The Stomach Vaser Lipo Procedure

VASER Lipo is a complete, minimally invasive body contouring solution that is designed to cater for your individual needs. Fat isn’t just removed, the entire area is carefully managed to look and feel the way you want it to be. Success is almost entirely down to the skills of the practitioner and our doctors have had many years of experience and many thousands of happy patients.

Performed mainly under local anaesthetic, during the treatment tumescent fluid is injected to help separate fat from the connective tissue surrounding the fat cells – limiting disruption, bruising and swelling in the area. After this, a very small incision is made through with a VASER probe is inserted, which then emits ultrasound energy to shake and liquefy the fat cells before they are removed by small tubes through liposuction.

The treatment is walk-in, walk-out meaning that, after you’ve had time to recover and been given full guidelines to follow during recovery, you can return home the same day. You may be advised to undergo MLD Massage as part of your recovery process, which we’ll advise you on and guide you through. If you have any questions on any part of your procedure at any time, our team are at hand to help you. Our aftercare promise ensures you’ll be looked after in the long-term as an individual, not a number.

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Why Choose VASER Lipo at The Private Clinic?

  • Walk-in walk-out from our clinics
  • Upgrade to treat more than one area in a single session.
  • Local anaesthetic used, no general anaesthetic
  • No hospital stay necessary
  • As little as two days off work for some procedures
  • Skin retraction possible
  • World-class experts across the UK
  • The Private Clinic is a global training centre for VASER Lipo
  • The Private Clinic has performed the most VASER Lipo procedures in the UK
  • We always offer our full Aftercare promise
CoolSculpting at The Private Clinic

If Vaser Liposuction is not for you, CoolSculpting is a non-surgical answer to reshaping and contouring your body. Book your free consultation to find out more.


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