Lipo & Body Contouring

Lipo & Body Contouring

Here at The Private Clinic, liposuction and body contouring procedures are our area of excellence. Our multi-award-winning range of liposuction treatments are tailored specifically to the requirements of our patients. Our team of Liposuction doctors are pioneers in their fields of Liposuction, Body Contouring and Fat Transfer. Combined, our Doctors have performed the highest number of minimally-invasive liposuction procedures in the UK.

Some areas of the body are predisposed to store fat. If you have certain ‘problem’ areas or stubborn fat pockets that you just can’t shift no matter how much you exercise or diet, one of our minimally invasive Liposculpting procedures could help you achieve the body you want.

Your Options

Liposuction proved to be the most popular cosmetic procedure in 2012, with a growing interest from male patients. Each patient is different, so to make a fully informed decision about the procedure you want it’s important to explore the options.

First of all, think about whether you would like one or more areas of your body treated. Some of the common problematic body areas that can be targeted with VASER Lipo and MicroLipo are:

Thighs, Hips, Flanks, Waist, Abdomen, Buttocks, Arms, Chin, Back, Neck, Breasts, Chest, Knees and Ankles.

**We treat both male and female patients.

VASER Lipo and MicroLipo are our most popular procedures for fat removal. You can find out more on our treatment pages below. VASER Lipo is our most popular procedure for good reason, offering lots of our patients the body sculpting procedure they need. MicroLipo – including male and female chest/breast reduction – targets stubborn pockets of fat effectively. If you are looking for further precision we also offer a number of advanced VASER procedures, includingVASER 4D, Hi-Def, Mid-Def and VASER 360. Read more about VASER 4G here – 4G Body Balancing.

For those who may want or need surgical intervention, we also offer traditional Surgical Liposuction, or Lipoplasty, carried out by our Consultant Plastic Surgeons. Click here for more information on Lipoplasty.

In combination with our VASER Lipo procedure we offer the chance to remove unwanted fat and put some of it back into areas of your body where it is often needed, like the breasts, buttocks, face and hands. Our Fat Transfer to the Breasts procedure is proving very popular as a ‘natural’ alternative to breast implants, while our Fat Transfer to the Buttocks offers a superior alternative to buttock implants. Our anti-ageing Fat Transfer to the Face (Organic Facelift) and Hands procedures offer patients the chance to restore volume to areas at the battlefront of the ageing process.


At The Private Clinic, our specialised Doctors perform nearly 2000 Liposuction treatments a year – more than any other clinic in Europe.

The Private Clinic is an accredited European Advanced VASER Training Centre, and in 2008 we launched VASER Hi-Def in the UK. We are renowned for setting high standards in the Cosmetic Industry and we address every possible measure to ensure patient safety and satisfaction. Your safety and results depend on your surgeon’s experience – all of our surgeons have perfected the skills and techniques in their fields of expertise, and you can rest assured that you will be seen and treated by one of the top doctors in the industry.

Although there are several effective tools used for liposelection and body contouring, the skills and expertise of your surgeon are what count in the success and results of the procedure.

We are specialists in VASER Lipo. However our Doctors have extensive experience in other methods of fat removal.

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