Body Ballancer®


What is the Body Ballancer®?

The Body Ballancer® is a compression therapy treatment which uses the techniques and principles of manual lymphatic drainage massage. The treatment involves wearing specialised garments for either the top or lower half of the body which inflate to simulate a gentle to firm massage which targets every inch of the areas being treated.

The massage aims to increase circulation and accelerate the removal of waste products and excess fluid via the lymphatic drainage system. This is very beneficial in improving the appearance of cellulite, skin tone and reducing areas of swelling.

We are able to offer a range of Body Ballancer® treatments to help with:

Liposuction & CoolSculpting Results

Body Ballancer® is a great complimentary procedure to help you get the best results from your liposuction or CoolSculpting cosmetic fat loss procedure. We recommend a course of treatment to help reduce swelling which is caused by inflammation, bring healthy oxygenated blood to the upper dermal layers of the skin and encourage the scar tissue repair. CoolSculpting patients can see quicker results as the treatment relies on the lymphatic system to remove the dead fat cells from the body.

Gut Health

The gut contains crucial components of the lymphatic system including the lacteal. The lacteal is a little-known vessels which is primarily responsible for the absorption and transportation of all the fats we consume. A compromised lymphatic system can slow this process which can cause an unhealthy build-up of fats in the digestive system. The Body Ballancer® treatment can help to clear the central lymphatics significantly improving overall gut health.


Cellulite is when the skin has a dimpled or lumpy appearance. Our lifestyles can play a big part in the appearance of cellulite with elements such as increased alcohol consumption, smoking, medication and lack of vigorous exercise can cause the toxic build-up in the fatty tissues to increase. A change in lifestyle can help to improve cellulite but a course of Body Ballancer® treatment can help to boost circulation which will bring healthy oxygenated blood to the areas being treated that combined with the massage action will help to effectively breakdown the build-up and appearance of cellulite.

Exclusive to The Private Clinic we are offering a Cellulite package treatment that combines Mesotherapy and our Body Ballancer® treatment.


Lymphoedema is a long-term condition that causes swelling in the body’s tissues most commonly affecting the legs or arms. Lymphoedema occurs when the lymphatic drainage system is not working properly. The gentle wave-like action of the Body Ballancer® treatment has been clinically proven to help reduce limb and body swelling by effectively moving any excess fluid into and through the lymphatic vessels whilst boosting blood circulation. This results in a rapid reduction of excess fluid through the body’s normal waste removal process which starts to reduce volume and discomfort in as little as a single treatment.

Skin Tone

Lifestyle factors can not only affect our health but the appearance of our skin tone. Regular alcohol consumption, smoking, taking the contraceptive pill, unhealthy diet, sedentary occupation and lack of vigorous exercise can all play a big part in the functionality of our lymphatic system which then affects our general well being which can then reflect onto the appearance of our skin. A course of Body Ballancer® massage treatments can help to improve the skin by increasing the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the skin, promoting a fresh and youthful appearance. It also removes the waste and toxic build up within the body which can cause skin to look dull and tired. Any excess fluid is also reduced which then leaves the skin looking and feeling firm, toned, smoother and softer.


Detox regimes where we are encouraged to cleanse the body have become popular with many but they can often leave you feeling hungry and deprived. The results are also often short lived as once we return to our usual lifestyles any benefits are lost. Our bodies are naturally able to detox and the largest detoxing system of all is our lymphatic system. When combining a healthy diet with a course of Body Ballancer® massages it can provide a boost to your natural detox system without the need for unrealistic juicing and fasting diets.

Weight Loss

Having an enhanced circulation can really help with fat burning. Fat is known to burn more effectively in areas of the body where the blood flow is strong compared to areas where the circulation is poor. In some cases stubborn areas of excess fat are due to bad circulation but regular use of our Body Ballancer® treatment can help to promote strong blood flow and improve areas with a poor circulation.

Fitness and Exercise

A Body Ballancer® treatment can work as a deep tissue massage to help speed recovery from muscle soreness following exercise and sports by increasing the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the tired muscles. The peristaltic massage action can also help to speed up the removal of toxins that may reside in the body following physical activity. The massage technique will also improve circulation, enhance the lymphatic system and also relax the body.

Stress Relief

Stress is a huge cause of poor lymphatic health. When we are stressed, a stress fighting hormone known as cortisol is released which causes metabolic acidosis. The acidic nature of cortisol can also cause a breakdown of lymphoid tissue which can affect the natural lymphatic flow. If you are regularly stressed then the constant exposure to cortisol can suppress immune function which increases the risk picking up infections and diseases. Regular use of Body Ballancer® will improve your body’s ability to eliminate the stress fighting hormones to keep the lymphatic system healthy. Many find the gentle and rhythmic action of the Body Ballancer® to be deeply relaxing helping to alleviate symptoms of stress and even improving sleep quality.


Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause excess water retention (Edema). A course of Body Ballancer® treatment during the third trimester can help to relieve any discomfort, heaviness or tightness caused by the water retention. The treatment can also help to reduce the risk of developing cellulite, spider or varicose veins during pregnancy. The Body Ballancer® trouser garment has the unique ability to disable the air cells that sit over the abdomen which means no pressure will be applied to this area during treatment. A single session can really help you to feel lighter and more energised making the last few months of pregnancy a lot easier.

The Body Ballancer® treatment is available in our London Harley Street, Leeds and Manchester clinics.

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What happens during a Body Ballancer® treatment?

The treatment involves using inflating compression garments to deliver a gentle but invigorating massage to treat the body whilst you lay back and relax.

There are two Body Ballancer® garments; a jacket which is used for the upper body and trousers which are used for the lower body. Each garment contains 24 individual air chambers which are overlapped to apply flowing compression to the areas being treated.

You will helped into one of the specialised garments depending on the areas being treated. Once you are then comfortable on the treatment couch your garment will then be attached to a computerised air-compression device and your chosen treatment cycle will be selected to apply exactly the right amount of pressure into the air chambers of the garment.

As the treatment begins, the garment will gradually and gently inflate and deflate to provide a smooth but flowing massage over the treatment area. The massage motion helps to increase the body’s circulation and gently decongest the areas being treated. The treatment can help to reduce bloating and puffiness that may occur following treatments such as vaser liposuction. It is also effective at breaking down the appearance of cellulite whilst eliminating waste and toxins through the lymphatic drainage system.

What is the downtime following The Body Ballancer® treatment?

There is no downtime following The Body Ballancer® treatment. You will be able to return to work and your usual every day activities.


How does the Body Ballancer® work?

The Body Ballancer® uses patent protected inflating compression garments to apply a gentle or firm massage. Each garment contains 24 individual air chambers that overlap to apply fluent compression strokes that target every inch of the treated area.

The massage motion, with its special direction of flow, increases circulation and gently but thoroughly decongests the problem areas of hips, thighs, buttocks and upper arms.

The Body Ballancer® action accelerates the removal of waste products and excess fluid via the lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of cellulite, improving skin tone and reducing volume in areas affected by excess fluid retention whilst it’s gentle, rhythmic action promotes relaxation.

What areas can be treated with the Body Ballancer®?

The Body Ballancer® uses two specialised garments to be able treat both the upper and lower parts of the body. The Body Ballancer® jacket targets the upper abdomen, arms and back whereas the Body Ballancer® trousers treat the lower abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs and lower legs.

Please note that only one garment can be worn at once so those requiring treatment to the upper and lower body may need two separate sessions.

How long does a Body Ballancer® treatment take?

The time taken for a Body Ballancer® treatment to be performed will vary depending on the type of treatment being carried out. On average treatments tend to take around 30 minutes.

  • Circulatory Program – 30 mins
  • Sports Massage – 30 mins
  • Relaxation – 30 mins
  • Post Pregnancy – 30 mins
  • Cellulite, Toning & Water Retention – 1hr
  • Lymphoedema Program – 1hr
  • Pre & Post Liposuction programmes are available by request

What are the benefits of Lymphatic Drainage?

The Body Ballancer® is designed to stimulate the body’s lymphatic system, which then performs three critical functions to the body:

  • Aids the immune system by removing waste, cell debris and other toxins from the body tissues and destroys any bacteria and viruses identified in this ‘cleaning-up’ process.
  • Absorbs fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system, ensuring delivery of these nutrients into the bloodstream to be delivered to all cells of the body
  • Eliminates water retention by removing excess fluid – ‘lymph’ – from the spaces between the cells of the body, reducing the uncomfortable swelling and puffiness associated with this condition.

What can Body Ballancer® treatment help with?

  • Liposuction & CoolSculpting Results – Body Ballancer® will help to reduce swelling caused by inflammation, bring healthy oxygenated blood to the upper dermal layers of skin and speed up scar tissue to repair. CoolSculpting patients in particular will see quicker results from treatment as the dead cells following treatment use the lymphatic system to rid them from the body.
  • Gut Health – The gut is host to a crucial component of the lymphatic system, the lacteal. The fat we consume is absorbed by the lacteals and carried through the lymphatic network. A sluggish lymphatic system will slow down this process causing unhealthy build ups of fat in the digestive system. A single Body Ballancer® treatment will help to clear this and improve oval gut health.
  • Cellulite and skin tone – Boosting the supply of fresh, oxygenated blood to the tissues will result in a significant improvement in cellulite and skin quality, leaving it firm, toned and feeling smoother and softer.
  • Detox & Weight Loss – No need for faddy diets or juice fasts, as the elimination of waste, toxins and fats will be accelerated through an enhanced lymphatic system.
  • Slimming and Body Contouring – The improvements in the lymphatic and circulatory systems will lead to the rapid elimination of fluid, reducing volume and ‘puffiness’ in as little as a single session.
  • Fitness and Exercise – Incorporated as part of your fitness routine, the Body Ballancer® will both improve performance and provide active sports recovery.
  • Stress Relief – Improves the elimination of the free radicals that are a by-product of the body’s stress-fighting hormones, recognised as a factor in premature ageing.
  • Pregnancy – Body Ballancer® treatment during the third trimester will help to relieve any discomfort from water retention as well as reducing the risk of cellulite, spider or varicose veins forming.

How many Body Ballancer® treatments will I need?

The number of Body Ballancer® that you require will depend on the type of treatment being performed and the condition being targeted.

If using the Body Ballancer® to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin tone then a course of treatments will be advised. This usually involves a course of 12 treatments spread over 3 to 4 weeks.

When using the Body Ballancer® following a procedure such as Vaser Liposuction a course of 3 to 10 sessions depending on the body areas targeted.

Bloating and puffiness in general can be effectively reduced by use of the Body Ballancer®. The effects from treatment are usually felt after a single session but you may choose to have regular treatment to maintain the results.

How much does Body Ballancer® treatment cost?

The cost of Body Ballancer® treatment will vary depending on the length of time of treatment.

A 30 minute Body Ballancer® treatment starts from £55

To book a no obligation consultation to discuss how Body Ballancer® treatment could benefit you; click here.

Consultations with our expert Body Ballancer® practitioners are £25 however this cost is redeemable against the price of any skin treatment that you wish to book following your consultation.

We also offer a rage of treatment courses and also a specialised Cellulite package which you can find out more about here.

What should I wear to a Body Ballancer® treatment session?

We advise patients to attend clinic in comfortable clothing that covers the areas being treated. It is best that no skin touches the specialised Body Ballancer® garments due to hygiene reasons.

What is the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system sits alongside the body’s cardio-vascular system quietly helping to maintain our health and well-being by performing three critical functions:

  • Aiding the immune system in removing and destroying waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens and other toxins.
  • Absorbing fats and fat-soluble vitamins from the digestive system and delivering these nutrients to the cells of the body where they are used as fuel.
  • Removing excess fluid – ‘lymph’ and waste products from the spaces between the cells and organs of the body.

A compromised lymphatic system can lead to a range of health issues including tissue swelling, poor skin tone, excess weight, cellulite and headaches.

What is a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

A Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a form of skin massage that aims to stimulate the lymphatic system. Traditionally performed manually, the hand movements and techniques of the massage are personalised for each patient depending on the areas of concern. More recently, new style compression pumps have been developed to mimic manual lymphatic drainage.

The Body Ballancer® provides a powerful, consistent and effective lymphatic massage. Based on the Vodder methos of MLD, the Body Ballancer enhances lymphatic flow, stimulating the whole of the lymphatic system. It delivers constant and equal pressure around the limb as the fluid is moved through the body promoting optimum health by boosting the immune function and improving removal of waste and toxins.

Where can I have Body Ballancer® treatment?

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