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Is the SPF in makeup enough sun protection?


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The Daily Telegraph

Beauty shortcuts are always welcome, but is skimping on sun protection a step too far? Are makeup products that include SPF doing anything extra for our skin? We asked the experts.

Learn how protection is measured

“SPF in sunscreens refers to UVB protection, whereas the star system on products refers to UVA protection,” advises Dr Noor Almaani, consultant dermatologist at The Private Clinic of Harley Street. “Relying on getting both solely from our makeup means that we may not be getting adequate sun protection, particularly if this makeup is not reapplied throughout the day, as is often the case.  “The SPF of sunscreens is measured using 2mg/cm2, but studies have shown that most of us use less than half that amount, making the SPF in reality only a square root of what is written on the bottle (ie SPF 5 instead of 25) and therefore extra protection is required.”


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