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GP and cosmetic doctor Dr John Quinn says: “Hyperhidrosis is a condition where you have excessive sweating and can be either what’s called primary or secondary. Secondary hyperhidrosis ‘tends to be generalised (all over the body and not just in one place) and often related to another medical condition like an overactive thyroid or certain types of cancers. In primary hyperhidrosis it tends to occur in just one area of the body like your armpits or hands, and it’s normally situational such as when you’re stressed which makes your sweat glands overproduce when your nervous system is activated.”

“If it is making life uncomfortable, first see your GP for a general checkup. They’ll advise over-the-counter clinical strength antiperspirant, containing an aluminium agent that’s painted on the armpit at night, which can cause irritation. Sometimes oral anticholinergic tablets will be prescribed, but these can cause a dry mouth and blurred vision.”

“Despite Ben’s concerns, Botox is highly effective as around 20 injections into the armpit will turn off the nerve supply to the sweat glands.”

“Patients don’t have to wear antiperspirant for about five to six months and there are no side effects. But it can cost £500-600 a treatment. Another option is iontophoresis, where an electric current is passed through water, more suited to treating hands and feed. A treatment where the sweat glands are lasered locally is also being pioneered but it’s still early days.”

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Source: Daily Mirror