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Mini tummy tuck surgery FAQs with Mr Adrian Richards

Kerry Katona has been hitting the headlines again after revealing her new look after her recent weight loss, although she was very quick to admit that liposuction and a mini tummy tuck had helped transform her look too!

Many of us I’m sure may be wondering what a mini tummy actually is which is why we contacted Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Mr Adrian Richards and asked him just that “What is a Mini Tummy Tuck?”

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck (Mini Abdominoplasty)?
A mini tummy tuck, also known as mini abdominoplasty differs from a full tummy tuck or abdominoplasty in that it only removes a portion of tissue between the area above your pubic region to the tummy button rather than the whole area of the tummy like in a full tummy tuck.mini abdominoplasty or full tummy tuck

What are the benefits of a mini tummy tuck?
The benefits are that the scar can be lower and hence more hidden in your clothes. It is also a smaller procedure compared to a full tummy tuck and the recovery is often a bit quicker too.

What is the ideal patient for a mini tummy tuck?
The ideal patient for a mini tummy tuck is someone with a lower abdominal over hang but without enough tissue to need to remove all the tissue from the tummy button down to the pubic area.

Would a patient need to lose weight before booking in for a mini tummy tuck?
The patient should ideally be at a weight that they are happy with when they have a mini tummy tuck as with all plastic surgical procedures. It is not advisable to either gain weight or lose weight prior to a plastic surgery procedure; generally plastic surgeons would insist that your BMI is at 30 or below before considering surgery. This is because it is an elective procedure and your safety is above the most important. Studies have shown that there is an increased risk of complications following surgery for people with a BMI over 30.

The other aspect is that when you lose weight following a tummy tuck some of the loose skin elasticity may come back.

Does a mini tummy tuck require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?
Some mini tummy tucks can be performed under local anaesthetic but there is a limit to how much can be removed without general anaesthetic. Surgery is normally performed as either a day case which means you are in and out on the same day or with a one night stay in hospital.

How long are you in surgery for a mini tummy tuck?
Mini tummy tucks tend to take between 1 and 1 and half hours compared to a full tummy tuck which takes between 2 and 3 hours.

What are the scars like following a mini tummy tuck?
The scars are on the lower part of your tummy and those on a full tummy tuck are similar. The full tummy tuck scars are slightly longer than the mini tummy tuck. The advantage of the mini tummy tuck is the scar can be lower and can be hidden easier in clothes.

A full tummy tuck will also involve a scar around the tummy button as the skin for a full tummy tuck is drawn down and stitched to the skin above your pubic area and a new tummy button is made for you.

Will the abdominal muscles need to be tightened at the time of my mini tummy tuck?
The muscles can be tightened in both mini and full tummy tucks but whether you need tightening of the muscle and the extent of muscle tightening can be determined by a discussion between you and your surgeon prior to surgery.

How long is the recovery time after a mini tummy tuck?
The recovery time is much shorter for a mini tummy tuck but it does also depend on whether you have had your muscles repaired or not. As a guide, if you have had your muscles repaired you will not be able to drive for 2 weeks whereas if you haven’t had your muscles repaired many people can return to driving after 1 week.

How long until results can be seen after a mini tummy tuck?
You will see the results immediately following surgery but there will inevitably be some swelling and likely bruising so it will take up to three months for you to be able see the final result.

How long do the results last after a mini tummy tuck?
The results of a tummy tuck either mini or full are considered relatively permanent unless you have extensive weight gain or become pregnant. In these situations the skin and tummy muscles will be stretched and this is not ideally recommended after a tummy tuck.

How would a future pregnancy affect the mini tummy tuck?
It is generally not recommended to become pregnant after a mini abdominoplasty as the stretching of the skin and muscle layer can cause recurrent excess skin in the lower abdomen. People have however become pregnant inadvertently following a mini abdominoplasty and have had no significant adverse effect as a result.

Is there an alternative to a mini tummy tuck?
There are many types of mini abdominoplasty and an alternative would be a scar revision. In a scar revision the scar itself is removed without a mini abdominoplasty being performed. This is often used for tissue overhanging a caesarean scar. Caesarean scars tend to become slightly tethered to the underlying muscles when they heal causing an overlap of the tissue above them. A scar revision is often classified as a mini mini abdominoplasty.

mini abdominoplasty before and after photos

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