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Last week we were very excited to host our first ever live web chat on the Private Clinic Twitter feed.
Dr Dennis Wolf was the first of our doctors to volunteer to take part in the chat, taking to the feed to answer questions sent in from across the Internet.
Dr Wolf is based at the London and Birmingham clinics, he is a highly experienced surgeon in Vaser liposuction for fat removal and breast reduction, and is one of two doctors who currently perform the autologous fat transfer for breast and body augmentation.

Dr Wolf has performed amongst the highest number of vaser liposuction procedures in the Country; he is a trainer in advanced vaser techniques and has also trained in Vaser High Definition in Colombia with Dr. Alfredo Hoyos,  a world-renown, advanced liposuction physician.
During the hour long session Dr Wolf was inundated with questions from our Twitter followers, Facebook fans and blog readers – thank you to everyone who sent in a question! In total Dr Wolf answered a very respectable 23 questions.
For those of you who may have missed the chat, a full transcript of the Q&A session is now available below..

Introductory tweets:
@PrivateClinic: Welcome to our first online question and answer session, hopefully we can answer some pertinent questions and dispel some myths #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: It’s Dr Wolf here and I’m looking forward to answering your questions#AskDrWolf
Q: ‏@dani_L_stevens: @privateclinic What is the difference between Lipo and Vaser Hi-def lipo? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Lipo is performed under GA & Vaser under Local anesthetic & sedation. Lipo would be preferentially done with the patient staying overnight… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …Vaser is mostly done as a day case procedure. With the Vaser the fat is emulsified first & then sucked out… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …With Lipo the fat is just sucked out with a cannula. Recovery with Vaser is slightly quicker.. #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: Lipo is generally for large bulk reduction whereas Vaser Hi-def is more geared towards shape and definition #AskDrWolf

Q: @Jade__Wright: @privateclinic It would take hrs of training and a strict diet to maintain the look of Vaser hi-def. How does it stay that way? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: .@Jade__Wright Maintenance is paramount, healthy lifestyle & diet are also important… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: .@Jade__Wright …You cannot have the procedure and not exercise or eat healthily #AskDrWolf

Q: Hayley on Facebook: Hi, I have a question – Does vaser liposuction hurt?? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Infiltrating the anaesthetic is what stings the most, after that the area being treated goes numb… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: … You may still feel some occasional pulling, tugging and twinges #AskDrWolf

‏Q: @JonnyDavies123: @Privateclinic What happens if you don’t maintain a healthy diet and exercise after hi def? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: .@JonnyDavies123 you will undoubtedly put on weight, first in other areas, and then in the definition area… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: .@JonnyDavies123 …It is vital to maintain exercise and a healthy diet #AskDrWolf

Q: Laura Ann Thomas asks: I’ve always wanted to know how overweight you need to be to get liposuction? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Most of our patients would have more localised pockets of fat, that they struggle to get rid of. Generally patients aren’t overweight… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …and are fit and healthy. Remember Vaser creates shape and is not a weight-loss programme #AskDrWolf

A: Laura asks: Do people put on weight to become eligible for Vaser Lipo or will they perform lipo on even the skinniest of people!? #AskDrWolf
Q: @PrivateClinic: We encourage people to be at their optimum weight for us to achieve optimum results #AskDrWolf

Q: Freya asks: Are there certain areas of your body that are more suitable for fat transfer into your boobs? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: In my experience thighs & abdomen yield the largest & best consistency of fat for transfer, previously treated areas aren’t ideal #AskDrWolf

Q: Daniela asks: Considering the recent scandal about the associated dangers with certain types of breast implant… #AskDrWolf
…would you say that the fat transfer procedure is safer? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Hi Daniela, it needs to be remembered that it is still a surgical procedure & thus comes with its own risks relatively speaking these have.. #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: ..different implications, most important being aesthetic risk, immediate surgical complications, capsule formation & contracture #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: Daniela – however these risks are slightly less in fat transfer #AskDrWolf

Q: What area is the fat taken from, does it vary from person to person depending on where they store the most fat? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Each individual patient is assessed at their own merit, patients may have a preference of a particular body part they want reshaping… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …but the most common areas would be thighs, flanks and abdomens #AskDrWolf

Q: Laura on FB: Can the breast surgery procedures using fat transfer take fat from any part of your body? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Hi Laura, fat can be taken from anywhere as long as it is sufficient for the desired result #AskDrWolf

Q: Vicky on FB: Hi I’d like to know if a breast enlargement using fat transfer will last as long as an implant would? Thanks! #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Hi Vicky, the results are not as guaranteed as an implant as there are more variables involved in the retention of the fat… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …This will depend on your physiology, lifestyle, diet, having children, weight gain or loss… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …If all of these are kept relatively stable then there is no reason why it should not last #AskDrWolf

Q: @campbell_katy: @privateclinic After lipo, does the fat go back on? #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: .@campbell_katy As mentioned before, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a consistent exercise routine… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: .@campbell_katy …otherwise fat can return in treated areas #AskDrWolf

Thanks for your questions so far we are now half way through the session. Got a Q for me? #AskDrWolf

Q: Hollie on FB: What are the benefits of having a fat transfer instead of breast implants? Does this last as long? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Hi Hollie In terms of what the procedure involves removing fat from an unwanted area & relocating it to another we do this under conscious…
@PrivateClinic: ..sedation & not general anesthetic. You don’t have a foreign object inserted into your chest; the tissue feels completely natural and soft #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: ..as normal breast tissue does. Some patient breasts might not be suited for fat transfer and may still require an implant lift or reduction #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …The options for your specific need would be discussed at consultation #AskDrWolf

Q: Katie on FB: How long is the recovery time for Vaser Liposuction?#AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Hi Katie, it depends what & how many areas have been treated. Generally you can return to normal daily activity with 24/48 hours #AskDrWolf

Q: Samantha on FB: If you have a fat transfer are you basically having breast enlargement and liposuction all in one? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic Samantha, the short answer is yes! It combines the benefits of both procedures #AskDrWolf

Q: Marieta on FB: Are there any risks using fat transplants? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: Hi Marieta, as with any surgical procedure, you need to consider infection, bruising, bleeding, asymmetry, volume loss… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: … fat cysts, to name a few. This would be discussed in more detail at consultation stage #AskDrWolf

Q: @ginahorton1: @privateclinic Are liposuction alternatives as affective as liposuction? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: @ginahorton1 If the patient is deemed as suitable then yes. Liposuction has a slightly different indication I.e large volume reduction… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: @ginahorton1 …with Vaser we are more targeted in smaller areas to create shape and definition #AskDrWolf

Q: @hannahgregory30: @privateclinic Is liposuction permanent? #askdrwolf
A: @PrivateClinic: .@hannahgregory30 Hi Hannah, If you maintain all the variables of lifestyle, regular consistent exercise routines… #AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: .@hannahgregory30 …and stable weight then it should be permanent!#AskDrWolf

‏Q: @Lucyirvs: @privateclinic Can liposuction get rid of cellulite? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: .@Lucyirvs Hi Lucy, It’s not a treatment specifically from ridding cellulite however in some cases the texture may improve #AskDrWolf

Q: @EmmaHeley: What is the estimated recovery time for lipo @privateclinic? #AskDrWolf
A: @PrivateClinic: .@EmmaHeley Hi Emma, this will depend on how many & what areas are being treated, you should be able to return to normal daily…#AskDrWolf
.@EmmaHeley activity in 24/48 hours. Every patient is different & this may depend on your tolerance to the healing process #AskDrWolf

Q: @privateclinic Can I still breast feed after having a breast reduction? #AskDrWolf
A: ‏@privateclinic: .@Jade__Wright The majority of patients usually approach me after having had children however I usually inform patients that breast feeding.. #AskDrWolf
.@Jade__Wright ..may not be possible & this may be a predetermined state prior to you having had the procedure there is thus no way of telling.. #AskDrWolf
.@Jade__Wright ..whether you could have breast fed without having had the procedure…  #AskDrWolf
.@Jade__Wright ..If you are dead set on breast feeding then I suggest postponing the procedure till you’ve had all of your children #AskDrWolf
5 minutes left of our live Q&A with Dr Wolf, tweet us your last minute lipo questions! #AskDrWolf
Q: Jade__Wright: @privateclinic How can having large breasts affect my overall health? #AskDrWolf
A:@privateclinic: .@Jade__Wright Hi Jade, The most common complaint would be shoulder pain, neck tension and back ache… #AskDrWolf
‏@privateclinic: .@Jade__Wright …Appropriately and measured bras can help in alleviating these symptoms #AskDrWolf
Closing of the session:
@PrivateClinic: Thank you to everyone that has taken part and sent in your questions. Remember to do your research thoroughly…#AskDrWolf
@PrivateClinic: …and remember that these are all medical procedures that need to be taken seriously #AskDrWolf