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Legs – are yours a cover-up job?

If you’ve wondered how celebrities of all ages get their show-stopping legs then here’s a few helpful tips to let you know how it’s done.

Many have celeb envy whether it’s to do with pearly white teeth, flawless skin, a pert bottom or toned legs. For me, nothing causes me to go greener that a perfect pair of toned legs.

Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow all have an a amazing pair of legs and they are of all ages. Golden and toned, their pins march through the advancing years seemingly unscathed by cellulite or veins.

So how do celebrities defy Mother Nature? The truth is that a lot of time and money goes into achieving perfection. Without the same attention, real women’s legs don’t always fare so well.

For many the sheer embarrassment of not having a perfect pair of legs cause many to cover up, in all seasons, concealing the problems underneath.

Unsightly Varicose Veins could be one of them. Tangled webs and bulging purple varicose veins commonly appear on the legs of older women. But, in some cases, they can also affect people in their 20s. ­ Thread veins can be a result of too much sun exposure, while spider and varicose veins are caused by faulty valves in leg veins, which fail to pump blood back up towards the heart, allowing it to pool in the legs. There are many causes including genes, menopause, pregnancy and obesity. In addition to the cosmetic problem, symptoms might include a heavy sensation in the legs as well as flare-ups of hot, itchy irritation.

Give your legs a makeover and improve their appearance so you don’t have to suffer any longer, emotionally and physically. For relief, taking regular exercise helps, as does spending time with legs elevated and wearing compression stockings. ­To rid legs of varicose veins, they can now be treated without surgery using the EVLA laser system. Celebrities get varicose veins, too. Both Sex in the City’s Kristin Davis and Britney Spears have reportedly sought treatment.

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